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Dr. Matthias St. Pierre ae4186b004 Fix header file include guard names
Make the include guards consistent by renaming them systematically according
to the naming conventions below

For the public header files (in the 'include/openssl' directory), the guard
names try to match the path specified in the include directives, with
all letters converted to upper case and '/' and '.' replaced by '_'. For the
private header files files, an extra 'OSSL_' is added as prefix.

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <levitte@openssl.org>
(Merged from https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/9333)
4 years ago
Richard Levitte 909f1a2e51 Following the license change, modify the boilerplates in test/
Reviewed-by: Matt Caswell <matt@openssl.org>
(Merged from https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/7767)
4 years ago
Matt Caswell 92ab7db6f8 Swap header copyrights to standard OpenSSL
As per permission from Google (Emilia).

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <levitte@openssl.org>
6 years ago
Matt Caswell 7b73b7beda Rebase shim against latest boringssl code
Numerous conflicts resolved. rebase was against commit 490469f850.

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <levitte@openssl.org>
6 years ago
Matt Caswell eef977aa0e Integrate BoringSSL shim
The BoringSSL test suite contains numerous tests which OpenSSL does not.

The BoringSSL test runner uses a shim to launch the library and execute the
tests. This is a version of the BoringSSL shim converted to compile against
OpenSSL instead.

This is primarily based on the work of David Benjamin from the BoringSSL
project who did most of the necessary conversion. It also includes a few
other tweaks for opacity changes etc.

This is based on a *very* old version of BoringSSL from commit f277add6c.
That was the last commit known to work with this patched shim. Later
versions may also work but lots of merge conflicts occur when trying to
bring it up to date.

At the moment this has not been integrated into the build system. There is
a very simple standalone makefile in the ossl_shim directory which should
be executed directly before tyring to use the shim.

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <levitte@openssl.org>
6 years ago