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  Tomas Mraz 6f242d224c doc: Add note about operation parameters validation 3 months ago
  Shane Lontis 7f5a9399d2 Add support for camellia cbc cts mode 4 months ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy 6da0f27483 Document necessary error code processing 4 months ago
  Beat Bolli da496bc159 doc: replace markdown backticks with perlpod syntax 4 months ago
  Beat Bolli 2fc02378ff doc: use the documented =item markers 4 months ago
  Tomas Mraz 24f84b4e4d doc: It is not possible to use SSL_OP_* value in preprocessor conditions 5 months ago
  Tomas Mraz e0ad156d22 RSA_public_decrypt is equivalent to a verify recover operation 5 months ago
  Tomas Mraz 77072e2749 Documentation: SM2 keys can use only the SM2 curve 6 months ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy 13757e1283 Some clear guidelines for the legacy algs. 6 months ago
  Shane Lontis 1941684daf Add missing migration_guide API mappings. 6 months ago
  Matt Caswell 3d9d1ce529 Add documentation for newly added ASN1 functions 6 months ago
  Tomas Mraz ed576acdf5 Rename all getters to use get/get0 in name 7 months ago
  Shane Lontis 9ff4b7b0c7 Migration guide updates for flags and controls. 6 months ago
  Tomas Mraz 0800318a0c Deprecate old style BIO callback calls 7 months ago
  Richard Levitte 0491691342 DOCS: Fixups of the migration guide and the FIPS module manual 7 months ago
  Shane Lontis b7140b0604 Add migration guide for 3.0 8 months ago