61 Commits (b425001010044adbdbcd98f8682694b30b73bbf4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre b425001010 Rename OPENSSL_CTX prefix to OSSL_LIB_CTX 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell d8652be06e Run the withlibctx.pl script 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb ded346fad2 Add libctx and propq param to ASN.1 sign/verify/HMAC/decrypt 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell 33388b44b6 Update copyright year 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 12d99aac97 Deprecate ASN1_sign(), ASN1_verify() and ASN1_digest() 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte d5aef5946b Adapt ASN1_item_sign_ctx() for use with provided keypairs 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 9767a3dca7 libcrypto: Eliminate as much use of EVP_PKEY_size() as possible 3 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 25f2138b0a Reorganize private crypto header files 3 years ago
  Paul Yang bc42bd6298
Support SM2 certificate signing 3 years ago
  FdaSilvaYY da84249be6 Coverity fix in some crypto/asn1 code 4 years ago
  Richard Levitte 365a2d9991 Following the license change, modify the boilerplates in crypto/asn1/ 4 years ago
  KaoruToda 26a7d938c9 Remove parentheses of return. 5 years ago
  Richard Levitte b379fe6cd0 NO_SYS_TYPES_H isn't defined anywhere, stop using it as a guard 5 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 7dd6de9fdd Allow NULL md for custom signing methods 5 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 7539418981 Add EVP_DigestSign and EVP_DigesVerify 5 years ago
  Rich Salz 2039c421b0 Copyright consolidation 08/10 6 years ago
  Schüller Felix c6aca19bb5 Don't free up EVP_MD_CTX. 6 years ago
  J Mohan Rao Arisankala 219f3ca61c check with NULL 6 years ago
  J Mohan Rao Arisankala 4f25aecd75 explicit check for NULL 6 years ago
  J Mohan Rao Arisankala 2c91b3f5bf Check method before access and release ctx in error paths 6 years ago
  Rich Salz 349807608f Remove /* foo.c */ comments 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte bfb0641f93 Cleanup: fix all sources that used EVP_MD_CTX_(create|init|destroy) 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte ab0a14bbc7 Add inclusion of internal/evp_int.h to all crypto/ files that need it 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte 6e59a892db Adjust all accesses to EVP_MD_CTX to use accessor functions. 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 7f572e958b Remove legacy sign/verify from EVP_MD. 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte b39fc56061 Identify and move common internal libcrypto header files 7 years ago
  Rich Salz b548a1f11c free null cleanup finale 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 4b45c6e52b free cleanup almost the finale 7 years ago
  Rich Salz b196e7d936 remove malloc casts 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 5fe736e5fc Move some ASN.1 internals to asn1_int.h 7 years ago
  Matt Caswell 50e735f9e5 Re-align some comments after running the reformat script. 8 years ago
  Matt Caswell 0f113f3ee4 Run util/openssl-format-source -v -c . 8 years ago
  Tim Hudson 1d97c84351 mark all block comments that need format preserving so that 8 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 8d207ee3d1 add X509_CRL_sign_ctx function 12 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 85522a074c Algorithm specific ASN1 signing functions. 12 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 9ef6fe8c2e typo 12 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson a5667732b9 update ASN1 sign/verify to use EVP_DigestSign and EVP_DigestVerify 12 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson b6dcdbfc94 Audit libcrypto for unchecked return values: fix all cases enountered 13 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 03919683f9 Add support for default public key digest type ctrl. 16 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson ee1d9ec019 Remove link between digests and signature algorithms. 16 years ago
  Bodo Möller fbeaa3c47d Update util/ck_errf.pl script, and have it run automatically 17 years ago
  Ben Laurie 8bb826ee53 Consistency. 18 years ago
  Ben Laurie 41a15c4f0f Give everything prototypes (well, everything that's actually used). 18 years ago
  Bodo Möller 9048c7245b For ecdsa-with-SHA1, as for id-dsa-with-sha1, omit 'parameters' 20 years ago
  Richard Levitte 4579924b7e Cleanse memory using the new OPENSSL_cleanse() function. 20 years ago
  Bodo Möller 8df61b5011 Fix crypto/asn1/a_sign.c so that 'parameters' is omitted (not 20 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 20d2186c87 Retain compatibility of EVP_DigestInit() and EVP_DigestFinal() 21 years ago
  Ben Laurie dbad169019 Really add the EVP and all of the DES changes. 21 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 73e92de577 Add NO_ASN1_OLD to remove some old style functions: 22 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 09ab755c55 ASN1_ITEM versions of sign, verify, pack and unpack. 22 years ago