5 Commits (c023d98dcf2ba1cc30f545ae54d0e037e80a8794)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Pauli 994a924b3c null prov: fix gettable param array type. 2 years ago
  Pauli eab7b4240d provider: add an 'is_running' call to all providers. 2 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 23c48d94d4 Rename <openssl/core_numbers.h> -> <openssl/core_dispatch.h> 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell d40b42ab4c Maintain strict type discipline between the core and providers 2 years ago
  Pauli 7b4344ac3e Add a null provider which implements no algorithms. 2 years ago