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Pauli 994a924b3c null prov: fix gettable param array type.
Reviewed-by: Nicola Tuveri <>
(Merged from
2020-10-16 10:33:38 +10:00
Pauli eab7b4240d provider: add an 'is_running' call to all providers.
It can be accessed (read only) via the status parameter.

Reviewed-by: Matt Caswell <>
(Merged from
2020-09-12 16:46:20 +10:00
Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 23c48d94d4 Rename <openssl/core_numbers.h> -> <openssl/core_dispatch.h>
Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <>
(Merged from
2020-06-24 22:01:22 +02:00
Matt Caswell d40b42ab4c Maintain strict type discipline between the core and providers
A provider could be linked against a different version of libcrypto than
the version of libcrypto that loaded the provider. Different versions of
libcrypto could define opaque types differently. It must never occur that
a type created in one libcrypto is used directly by the other libcrypto.
This will cause crashes.

We can "cheat" for "built-in" providers that are part of libcrypto itself,
because we know that the two libcrypto versions are the same - but not for
other providers.

To ensure this does not occur we use different types names for the handful
of opaque types that are passed between the core and providers.

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <>
(Merged from
2020-05-16 17:10:03 +01:00
Pauli 7b4344ac3e Add a null provider which implements no algorithms.
By loading the null provider into the default context, it is possible
to verify that it is not accidentally being used.

Reviewed-by: Matt Caswell <>
Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <>
(Merged from
2020-04-09 17:12:35 +10:00