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  Pauli d1a770414a acvp-test: disable the ACVP testing code by default 1 year ago
  Pauli 38230e3011 acvp: fix the no-acvp_test build 1 year ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre f2ea01d9f1 README-FIPS: document the installation of the FIPS provider 1 year ago
  Andrey Matyukov 203c18f14a Moved build instructions from the man page 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz cede07dc51 Remove the external BoringSSL test 1 year ago
  Rich Salz 3d8905f859 Fix error-checking compiles for mutex 1 year ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 4148581eb2 Unify the markdown links to the NOTES and README files 1 year ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 9f1fe6a950 Revise some renamings of NOTES and README files 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte d8c1cafbbc VMS documentation fixes 1 year ago
  Pauli 1eaf1fc353 Add a configure time option to disable the fetch cache. 1 year ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 06f81af8fc {.travis,ci,appveyor}.yml: Make minimal config consistent, add no-deprecated no-ec no-ktls no-siv 1 year ago
  Liang Liu bf4cdd4abf [DOC]Fix two broken links in INSTALL.md; Change name of zlib flag to the current one. 2 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 6c8149df1f Change markdown link style in README, INSTALL, SUPPORT and CONTRIBUTING 2 years ago
  Tomas Mraz cad8095925 INSTALL.md: Drop trailing spaces on a line 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte b19b983017 Document install_fips in INSTALL.md 2 years ago
  Shane Lontis 991a6bb581 Add option to fipsinstall to disable fips security checks at run time. 2 years ago
  Pauli b99c463d78 install: add notes about ignored seed sources in the FIPS provider. 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 1dc1ea182b Fix many MarkDown issues in {NOTES*,README*,HACKING,LICENSE}.md files 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 036cbb6bbf Rename NOTES*, README*, VERSION, HACKING, LICENSE to .md or .txt 2 years ago
  Gustaf Neumann 8c1cbc7210 Fix typos and repeated words 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb e4522e1059 test/run_tests.pl: Enhance the semantics of HARNESS_VERBOSE_FAILURES (VF) 2 years ago
  Rich Salz 3121425830 Add --fips-key configuration parameter to fipsinstall application. 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 9afbb681ec INSTALL.md and NOTES.VALGRIND: Further cleanup of references and code/symbol quotation layout 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 3a0b3cc905 Move test-related info from INSTALL.md to new test/README.md, updating references 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 16b0e0fcb3 DOC: Mention Configure consistently 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 270540fd54 INSTALL.md: Restore $ as command prompt indicator 2 years ago
  Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin 1b49520043 DOC: Fix link to test/README.external in INSTALL.md 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb b0d5c1cb07 test/run_tests.pl: Document new VFO and VFP modes in INSTALL.md 2 years ago
  Shane Lontis 4f2271d58a Add ACVP fips module tests 2 years ago
  Rich Salz 43a70f0202 Fix all MD036 (emphasis used instead of heading) 2 years ago
  Rich Salz 257e9d03b0 Fix issues reported by markdownlint 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 4114964865 Build files: add module installation targets 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 301ea192c7 INSTALL: document 'no-ui-console' rather than 'no-ui' 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 30a4cda5e0 Replace util/shlib_wrap.sh with util/wrap.pl in diverse docs 2 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 6ede7d73fa doc: revamp the INSTALL file 2 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 2e07506a12 doc: convert standard project docs to markdown 3 years ago
  Rich Salz 742ccab318 Deprecate most of debug-memory 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 46994f7163 Add better support for using deprecated symbols internally 2 years ago
  Veres Lajos 79c44b4e30 Fix some typos 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte b0940b33a6 Adapt *.tmpl to generate docs at build time 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 54a0d4ceb2 Update INSTALL to document the changed '--api' and 'no-deprecated' 3 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre f246f54f18 Configure: accept Windows style compiler options 3 years ago
  Bernd Edlinger 3b2f8c771a Fix building statically without any dso support 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte e3d9a6b5f0 Rework test/run_tests.pl to support selective verbosity and TAP copy 3 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre bf9d6bb83d INSTALL: clarify documentation of the --api=x.y.z deprecation option 3 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 3c74e77bd8 Remove some duplicate words from the documentation 3 years ago
  Matt Caswell 7c03bb9fff Clarify the INSTALL instructions 3 years ago
  MouriNaruto 5ded1ca6da Improve the Windows OneCore target support. (Add targets for building libraries for Windows Store apps.) 3 years ago
  Andreas Kretschmer 8869ad4a39 Certificate Management Protocol (CMP, RFC 4210) extension to OpenSSL 3 years ago
  Pauli 5d2f3e4a6c Test of uniformity of BN_rand_range output. 3 years ago