9 Commits (e33826f01bd78af76e0135c8dfab3387927a82bb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rich Salz d2e9e32018 Copyright consolidation 07/10 6 years ago
  Rich Salz 349807608f Remove /* foo.c */ comments 7 years ago
  Matt Caswell 90945fa31a Continue standardising malloc style for libcrypto 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte b39fc56061 Identify and move common internal libcrypto header files 7 years ago
  Matt Caswell 0f113f3ee4 Run util/openssl-format-source -v -c . 8 years ago
  Rich Salz 4b618848f9 Cleanup OPENSSL_NO_xxx, part 1 8 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 2e5975285e Update obsolete email address... 14 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 09b88a4a55 Update copyright notices on a few files where all original SSLeay code has 17 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 1b593194be Move algorithm specific print code from crypto/asn1/t_pkey.c to separate 17 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 20d2186c87 Retain compatibility of EVP_DigestInit() and EVP_DigestFinal() 21 years ago
  Ben Laurie dbad169019 Really add the EVP and all of the DES changes. 21 years ago
  Bodo Möller ec577822f9 Change #include filenames from <foo.h> to <openssl.h>. 24 years ago
  Ulf Möller 6b691a5c85 Change functions to ANSI C. 24 years ago
  Mark J. Cox 351d899878 Add new function, EVP_MD_CTX_copy() to replace frequent use of memcpy. 24 years ago
  Ralf S. Engelschall 58964a4922 Import of old SSLeay release: SSLeay 0.9.0b 24 years ago
  Ralf S. Engelschall d02b48c63a Import of old SSLeay release: SSLeay 0.8.1b 24 years ago