193 Commits (e33826f01bd78af76e0135c8dfab3387927a82bb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rich Salz b6cff313cb Manual fixes after copyright consolidation 6 years ago
  Rich Salz b1322259d9 Copyright consolidation 09/10 6 years ago
  Matt Caswell a4e584a610 Don't leak resource on error in OCSP_url_svcloc_new 6 years ago
  Benjamin Kaduk 9547982e8c Remove dead-code infinite loop 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 45c6e23c97 Remove --classic build entirely 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte d32f5d8733 Restore OCSP_basic_verify() error return semantics 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 64a1385a83 Small OCSP fixup 6 years ago
  Rich Salz f0e0fd51fd Make many X509_xxx types opaque. 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 007c80eae4 Remove the remainder of util/mk1mf.pl and companion scripts 6 years ago
  Jim Basney dca7158c95 Avoid double-free in calleres to OCSP_parse_url 6 years ago
  Rich Salz a773b52a61 Remove unused parameters from internal functions 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 45502bfe19 Always build library object files with shared library cflags 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte ce192ebed0 Remove all special make depend flags, as well as OPENSSL_DOING_MAKEDEPEND 6 years ago
  FdaSilvaYY 0d4fb84390 GH601: Various spelling fixes. 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte 777a288270 unified build scheme: add build.info files 7 years ago
  Rich Salz ced2c2c598 Templatize util/domd 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 349807608f Remove /* foo.c */ comments 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 56c77c52e1 Remove update tags 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 213f60bf17 Accessor update; fix API, document one. 7 years ago
  Rich Salz ee6d9f4eb6 Remove some old makefile targets 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 9e5cd4bac7 Add some accessors. 7 years ago
  Rich Salz d10dac1187 Move Makefiles to Makefile.in 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte ff4b7fafb3 make update 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 8382fd3a93 Use X509_get0_pubkey where appropriate 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 7644a9aef8 Rename some BUF_xxx to OPENSSL_xxx 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 3c4e064e78 make update 7 years ago
  Matt Caswell 90945fa31a Continue standardising malloc style for libcrypto 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson b8fb59897b Rebuild error source files. 7 years ago
  Alessandro Ghedini 070c23325a Remove useless code 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson af170194a8 embed OCSP_CERTID 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson a332635ea0 Embed various OCSP fields. 7 years ago
  Ben Laurie df2ee0e27d Enable -Wmissing-variable-declarations and 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson a8d8e06b0a Avoid direct X509 structure access 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 64b25758ed remove 0 assignments. 7 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 05f0fb9f6a Add X509_up_ref function. 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte 0f539dc1a2 Fix the update target and remove duplicate file updates 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte a3aadb2d9c make depend 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte b39fc56061 Identify and move common internal libcrypto header files 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 75ebbd9aa4 Use p==NULL not !p (in if statements, mainly) 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 86885c2895 Use "==0" instead of "!strcmp" etc 7 years ago
  Rich Salz b4faea50c3 Use safer sizeof variant in malloc 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 25aaa98aa2 free NULL cleanup -- coda 7 years ago
  Rich Salz b548a1f11c free null cleanup finale 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 895cba195a free cleanup 12 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 222561fe8e free NULL cleanup 5a 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 2ace745022 free NULL cleanup 8 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte a80e33b991 Remove EXHEADER, TEST, APPS, links:, install: and uninstall: where relevant 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte dee502be89 Stop symlinking, move files to intended directory 7 years ago
  Rich Salz ca3a82c3b3 free NULL cleanup 7 years ago
  Matt Caswell 266483d2f5 RAND_bytes updates 7 years ago