57 Commits (e33826f01bd78af76e0135c8dfab3387927a82bb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rich Salz 4f22f40507 Copyright consolidation 06/10 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 45c6e23c97 Remove --classic build entirely 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 007c80eae4 Remove the remainder of util/mk1mf.pl and companion scripts 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte f425f9dcff Add $(LIB_CFLAGS) for any build.info generator that uses $(CFLAGS) 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 5b14d5b5a0 Make sure the effect of "pic" / "no-pic" is used with assembler compilations 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 81e61d7cb5 Unified - adapt the generation of whirlpool assembler to use GENERATE 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 45502bfe19 Always build library object files with shared library cflags 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte ce192ebed0 Remove all special make depend flags, as well as OPENSSL_DOING_MAKEDEPEND 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte de72be2e57 Pass $(CC) to perlasm scripts via the environment 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 567a9e6fe0 unified build scheme: add a "unified" template for Unix Makefile 7 years ago
  FdaSilvaYY 0d4fb84390 GH601: Various spelling fixes. 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 777a288270 unified build scheme: add build.info files 7 years ago
  Rich Salz ced2c2c598 Templatize util/domd 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 56c77c52e1 Remove update tags 7 years ago
  Rich Salz ee6d9f4eb6 Remove some old makefile targets 7 years ago
  Rich Salz d10dac1187 Move Makefiles to Makefile.in 7 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 58a816d645 Fix STRICT_ALIGNMENT for whrlpool 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte 053fa39af6 Conversion to UTF-8 where needed 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte 0f539dc1a2 Fix the update target and remove duplicate file updates 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte a80e33b991 Remove EXHEADER, TEST, APPS, links:, install: and uninstall: where relevant 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte dee502be89 Stop symlinking, move files to intended directory 7 years ago
  Matt Caswell 50e735f9e5 Re-align some comments after running the reformat script. 8 years ago
  Matt Caswell 0f113f3ee4 Run util/openssl-format-source -v -c . 8 years ago
  Matt Caswell dbd87ffc21 indent has problems with comments that are on the right hand side of a line. 8 years ago
  Tim Hudson 1d97c84351 mark all block comments that need format preserving so that 8 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson f072785eb4 Remove fipscanister build functionality from makefiles. 8 years ago
  Rich Salz 8cfe08b4ec Remove all .cvsignore files 8 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 46bf83f07a x86_64 assembly pack: make Windows build more robust. 10 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 701d593f70 wp-x86_64.pl: ~10% performance improvement. 10 years ago
  Andy Polyakov ae007d4d09 wp-mmx.pl: ~10% performance improvement. 10 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 6251989eb6 x86_64 assembly pack: make it possible to compile with Perl located on 10 years ago
  Andy Polyakov f9c5e5d92e perlasm: fix symptom-less bugs, missing semicolons and 'my' declarations. 10 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 450853cd04 crypto/whrlpool/wp_block.c: harmonize OPENSSL_ia32cap_P. 11 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson df6de39fe7 Change AR to ARX to allow exclusion of fips object modules 12 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 5cabcf96e7 Fix "possible loss of data" Win64 compiler warnings. 14 years ago
  Andy Polyakov be01f79d3d x86_64 assembler pack: add support for Win64 SEH. 14 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 1416aec60d Update make rules for x86_64 assembler pack. 14 years ago
  Andy Polyakov aa8f38e49b x86_64 assembler pack to comply with updated styling x86_64-xlate.pl rules. 14 years ago
  Lutz Jänicke 4c1a6e004a Apply mingw patches as supplied by Roumen Petrov an Alon Bar-Lev 14 years ago
  Andy Polyakov abe7f8b457 Make all x86_64 modules independent on current working directory. 15 years ago
  Andy Polyakov fa8e921f66 Unify x86 perlasm make rules. 15 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 4d1f3f7a6c Update perl asm scripts include paths for perlasm. 15 years ago
  Andy Polyakov ca64056836 Engage x86 assembler in Mac OS X build. 15 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 9677bf0f30 Update .cvsignore 15 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson f0fa285f75 Update .cvsignore again. 16 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson a0b5b07010 Update .cvsignore 16 years ago
  Nils Larsch cd346d3e22 fix signed vs. unsigned warning 17 years ago
  Andy Polyakov 4c5e19b6c6 Make framework for Whirlpool assembler flexible. 17 years ago
  Andy Polyakov ed26604a71 Engage Whirlpool assembler and mention Whirlpool in CHANGES. 17 years ago
  Andy Polyakov df278aff3e Fix typos in wp-mmx.pl. 17 years ago