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#! /usr/bin/env perl
# Copyright 2017-2018 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the OpenSSL license (the "License"). You may not use
# this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy
# in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at
# https://www.openssl.org/source/license.html
use strict;
use OpenSSL::Test qw/:DEFAULT cmdstr srctop_file bldtop_dir/;
use OpenSSL::Test::Utils;
use TLSProxy::Proxy;
my $test_name = "test_tls13downgrade";
plan skip_all => "TLSProxy isn't usable on $^O"
if $^O =~ /^(VMS)$/;
plan skip_all => "$test_name needs the dynamic engine feature enabled"
if disabled("engine") || disabled("dynamic-engine");
plan skip_all => "$test_name needs the sock feature enabled"
if disabled("sock");
plan skip_all => "$test_name needs TLS1.3 and TLS1.2 enabled"
if disabled("tls1_3") || disabled("tls1_2");
$ENV{OPENSSL_ia32cap} = '~0x200000200000000';
my $proxy = TLSProxy::Proxy->new(
cmdstr(app(["openssl"]), display => 1),
srctop_file("apps", "server.pem"),
use constant {
#Test 1: Downgrade from TLSv1.3 to TLSv1.2
my $testtype = DOWNGRADE_TO_TLS_1_2;
$proxy->start() or plan skip_all => "Unable to start up Proxy for tests";
plan tests => 6;
ok(TLSProxy::Message->fail(), "Downgrade TLSv1.3 to TLSv1.2");
#Test 2: Downgrade from TLSv1.3 to TLSv1.1
$testtype = DOWNGRADE_TO_TLS_1_1;
ok(TLSProxy::Message->fail(), "Downgrade TLSv1.3 to TLSv1.1");
#Test 3: Downgrade from TLSv1.2 to TLSv1.1
ok(TLSProxy::Message->fail(), "Downgrade TLSv1.2 to TLSv1.1");
#Test 4: Client falls back from TLSv1.3 (server does not support the fallback
$testtype = FALLBACK_FROM_TLS_1_3;
$proxy->clientflags("-fallback_scsv -no_tls1_3");
my $alert = TLSProxy::Message->alert();
&& !$alert->server()
&& $alert->description() == TLSProxy::Message::AL_DESC_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER,
"Fallback from TLSv1.3");
skip "TLSv1.1 disabled", 2 if disabled("tls1_1");
#Test 5: A client side protocol "hole" should not be detected as a downgrade
ok(TLSProxy::Message->success(), "TLSv1.2 client-side protocol hole");
#Test 6: A server side protocol "hole" should not be detected as a downgrade
ok(TLSProxy::Message->success(), "TLSv1.2 server-side protocol hole");
sub downgrade_filter
my $proxy = shift;
# We're only interested in the initial ClientHello
if ($proxy->flight != 0) {
my $message = ${$proxy->message_list}[0];
my $ext;
if ($testtype == FALLBACK_FROM_TLS_1_3) {
#The default ciphersuite we use for TLSv1.2 without any SCSV
my @ciphersuites = (TLSProxy::Message::CIPHER_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA);
$message->ciphersuite_len(2 * scalar @ciphersuites);
} else {
if ($testtype == DOWNGRADE_TO_TLS_1_2) {
$ext = pack "C3",
0x02, # Length
0x03, 0x03; #TLSv1.2
} else {
$ext = pack "C3",
0x02, # Length
0x03, 0x02; #TLSv1.1
$message->set_extension(TLSProxy::Message::EXT_SUPPORTED_VERSIONS, $ext);