A local copy of OpenSSL from GitHub
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# Example querying OpenSSL test responder. Assumes ocsprun.sh has been
# called.
# Send responder queries for each certificate.
echo "Requesting OCSP status for each certificate"
$OPENSSL ocsp -issuer intca.pem -cert client.pem -CAfile root.pem \
$OPENSSL ocsp -issuer intca.pem -cert server.pem -CAfile root.pem \
$OPENSSL ocsp -issuer intca.pem -cert rev.pem -CAfile root.pem \
# One query for all three certificates.
echo "Requesting OCSP status for three certificates in one request"
$OPENSSL ocsp -issuer intca.pem \
-cert client.pem -cert server.pem -cert rev.pem \
-CAfile root.pem -url