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Kurt Roeckx 45f55f6a5b
Remove SSLv2 support
8 years ago
build.bat Update netware to use new SHA2 assembly language modules. 15 years ago
cpy_tests.bat Netware support. 15 years ago Remove SSLv2 support 8 years ago
globals.txt misspellings fixes by 10 years ago
readme.txt Netware-specific changes, 20 years ago
set_env.bat Netware support. 15 years ago


Contents of the openssl\netware directory

Regular files:

readme.txt - this file - perl script used to run the OpenSSL tests on NetWare
cpy_tests.bat - batch to to copy test stuff to NetWare server
build.bat - batch file to help with builds
set_env.bat - batch file to help setup build environments
globals.txt - results of initial code review to identify OpenSSL global variables

The following files are generated by the various scripts. They are
recreated each time and it is okay to delete them.

*.def - command files used by Metrowerks linker
*.mak - make files generated by