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# We can't make commitment to supporting Microsoft assembler,
# because it would mean supporting all masm versions. This in
# in turn is because masm is not really an interchangeable option,
# while users tend to have reasons to stick with specific Visual
# Studio versions. It's usually lesser hassle to make it work
# with latest assembler, but tweaking for older versions had
# proven to be daunting task. This is experimental target, for
# production builds stick with [up-to-date version of] nasm.
my %targets = (
"VC-WIN64A-masm" => {
inherit_from => [ "VC-WIN64-common" ],
AS => "ml64",
ASFLAGS => "/nologo /Zi",
asoutflag => "/Fo",
asflags => "/c /Cp /Cx",
sys_id => "WIN64A",
uplink_arch => 'x86_64',
asm_arch => 'x86_64',
perlasm_scheme => "masm",