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.globl OPENSSL_s390x_facilities
.type OPENSSL_s390x_facilities,@function
.align 16
lghi %r0,0
larl %r4,OPENSSL_s390xcap_P
stg %r0,8(%r4) # wipe capability vectors
stg %r0,16(%r4)
stg %r0,24(%r4)
stg %r0,32(%r4)
stg %r0,40(%r4)
stg %r0,48(%r4)
stg %r0,56(%r4)
stg %r0,64(%r4)
stg %r0,72(%r4)
.long 0xb2b04000 # stfle 0(%r4)
brc 8,.Ldone
lghi %r0,1
.long 0xb2b04000 # stfle 0(%r4)
lmg %r2,%r3,0(%r4)
tmhl %r2,0x4000 # check for message-security-assist
jz .Lret
lghi %r0,0 # query kimd capabilities
la %r1,16(%r4)
.long 0xb93e0002 # kimd %r0,%r2
lghi %r0,0 # query km capability vector
la %r1,32(%r4)
.long 0xb92e0042 # km %r4,%r2
lghi %r0,0 # query kmc capability vector
la %r1,48(%r4)
.long 0xb92f0042 # kmc %r4,%r2
tmhh %r3,0x0004 # check for message-security-assist-4
jz .Lret
lghi %r0,0 # query kmctr capability vector
la %r1,64(%r4)
.long 0xb92d2042 # kmctr %r4,%r2,%r2
br %r14
.size OPENSSL_s390x_facilities,.-OPENSSL_s390x_facilities
.globl OPENSSL_rdtsc
.type OPENSSL_rdtsc,@function
.align 16
stck 16(%r15)
lg %r2,16(%r15)
br %r14
.size OPENSSL_rdtsc,.-OPENSSL_rdtsc
.globl OPENSSL_atomic_add
.type OPENSSL_atomic_add,@function
.align 16
l %r1,0(%r2)
.Lspin: lr %r0,%r1
ar %r0,%r3
cs %r1,%r0,0(%r2)
brc 4,.Lspin
lgfr %r2,%r0 # OpenSSL expects the new value
br %r14
.size OPENSSL_atomic_add,.-OPENSSL_atomic_add
.globl OPENSSL_wipe_cpu
.type OPENSSL_wipe_cpu,@function
.align 16
xgr %r0,%r0
xgr %r1,%r1
lgr %r2,%r15
xgr %r3,%r3
xgr %r4,%r4
lzdr %f0
lzdr %f1
lzdr %f2
lzdr %f3
lzdr %f4
lzdr %f5
lzdr %f6
lzdr %f7
br %r14
.size OPENSSL_wipe_cpu,.-OPENSSL_wipe_cpu
.globl OPENSSL_cleanse
.type OPENSSL_cleanse,@function
.align 16
#if !defined(__s390x__) && !defined(__s390x)
llgfr %r3,%r3
lghi %r4,15
lghi %r0,0
clgr %r3,%r4
jh .Lot
clgr %r3,%r0
bcr 8,%r14
stc %r0,0(%r2)
la %r2,1(%r2)
brctg %r3,.Little
br %r14
.align 4
.Lot: tmll %r2,7
jz .Laligned
stc %r0,0(%r2)
la %r2,1(%r2)
brctg %r3,.Lot
srlg %r4,%r3,3
.Loop: stg %r0,0(%r2)
la %r2,8(%r2)
brctg %r4,.Loop
lghi %r4,7
ngr %r3,%r4
jnz .Little
br %r14
.size OPENSSL_cleanse,.-OPENSSL_cleanse
.globl CRYPTO_memcmp
.type CRYPTO_memcmp,@function
.align 16
#if !defined(__s390x__) && !defined(__s390x)
llgfr %r4,%r4
lghi %r5,0
clgr %r4,%r5
je .Lno_data
llc %r0,0(%r2)
la %r2,1(%r2)
llc %r1,0(%r3)
la %r3,1(%r3)
xr %r1,%r0
or %r5,%r1
brctg %r4,.Loop_cmp
lnr %r5,%r5
srl %r5,31
lgr %r2,%r5
br %r14
.size CRYPTO_memcmp,.-CRYPTO_memcmp
.globl OPENSSL_instrument_bus
.type OPENSSL_instrument_bus,@function
.align 16
lghi %r2,0
br %r14
.size OPENSSL_instrument_bus,.-OPENSSL_instrument_bus
.globl OPENSSL_instrument_bus2
.type OPENSSL_instrument_bus2,@function
.align 16
lghi %r2,0
br %r14
.size OPENSSL_instrument_bus2,.-OPENSSL_instrument_bus2
.section .init
brasl %r14,OPENSSL_cpuid_setup
.comm OPENSSL_s390xcap_P,80,8