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=head1 NAME
evp_keymgmt_newdata, evp_keymgmt_freedata,
evp_keymgmt_get_params, evp_keymgmt_gettable_params,
evp_keymgmt_has, evp_keymgmt_validate,
evp_keymgmt_import, evp_keymgmt_import_types,
evp_keymgmt_export, evp_keymgmt_export_types
- internal KEYMGMT interface functions
#include "crypto/evp.h"
void *evp_keymgmt_newdata(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt);
void evp_keymgmt_freedata(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt, void *keyddata);
int evp_keymgmt_get_params(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt,
void *keydata, OSSL_PARAM params[]);
const OSSL_PARAM *evp_keymgmt_gettable_params(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt);
int evp_keymgmt_has(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt, void *keyddata, int selection);
int evp_keymgmt_validate(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt, void *keydata,
int selection);
int evp_keymgmt_import(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt, void *keydata,
int selection, const OSSL_PARAM params[]);
const OSSL_PARAM *evp_keymgmt_import_types(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt,
int selection);
int evp_keymgmt_export(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt, void *keydata,
int selection, OSSL_CALLBACK *param_cb, void *cbarg);
const OSSL_PARAM *evp_keymgmt_export_types(const EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt,
int selection);
All these functions are helpers to call the provider's corresponding
function. They all have in common that they take a B<EVP_KEYMGMT> as
first argument, which they also retrieve a provider context from when
needed. The rest of the arguments are simply passed on to the
function they wrap around.
evp_keymgmt_newdata() calls the method's new() function.
evp_keymgmt_freedata() calls the method's free() function.
(the name evp_keymgmt_freedata() was chosen to avoid a clash with
EVP_KEYMGMT_free() on case insensitive systems, the name
evp_keymgmt_newdata() was chosen for consistency)
evp_keymgmt_get_params() calls the method's get_params() function.
evp_keymgmt_gettable_params() calls the method's gettable_params()
evp_keymgmt_has() calls the method's has() function.
evp_keymgmt_validate() calls the method's validate() function.
evp_keymgmt_import() calls the method's import() function.
evp_keymgmt_import_types() calls the method's import_types() function.
evp_keymgmt_export() calls the method's export() function.
evp_keymgmt_export_types() calls the method's export_types() function.
evp_keymgmt_newdata() returns a pointer to a provider side key object,
or NULL on error.
evp_keymgmt_gettable_params(), evp_keymgmt_import_types(), and
evp_keymgmt_export_types() return parameter descriptor for importing
and exporting key data, or NULL if there are no such descriptors.
All other functions return 1 on success and 0 on error.
=head1 HISTORY
The functions described here were all added in OpenSSL 3.0.
Copyright 2019 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
Licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (the "License"). You may not use
this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy
in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at