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* Copyright 1995-2020 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (the "License"). You may not use
* this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy
* in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at
* MD5 low level APIs are deprecated for public use, but still ok for
* internal use.
#include "internal/deprecated.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include "md5_local.h"
#include <openssl/opensslv.h>
* Implemented from RFC1321 The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
#define INIT_DATA_A (unsigned long)0x67452301L
#define INIT_DATA_B (unsigned long)0xefcdab89L
#define INIT_DATA_C (unsigned long)0x98badcfeL
#define INIT_DATA_D (unsigned long)0x10325476L
int MD5_Init(MD5_CTX *c)
memset(c, 0, sizeof(*c));
return 1;
#ifndef md5_block_data_order
# ifdef X
# undef X
# endif
void md5_block_data_order(MD5_CTX *c, const void *data_, size_t num)
const unsigned char *data = data_;
register unsigned MD32_REG_T A, B, C, D, l;
# ifndef MD32_XARRAY
/* See comment in crypto/sha/sha_local.h for details. */
unsigned MD32_REG_T XX0, XX1, XX2, XX3, XX4, XX5, XX6, XX7,
XX8, XX9, XX10, XX11, XX12, XX13, XX14, XX15;
# define X(i) XX##i
# else
# define X(i) XX[i]
# endif
A = c->A;
B = c->B;
C = c->C;
D = c->D;
for (; num--;) {
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(0) = l;
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(1) = l;
/* Round 0 */
R0(A, B, C, D, X(0), 7, 0xd76aa478L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(2) = l;
R0(D, A, B, C, X(1), 12, 0xe8c7b756L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(3) = l;
R0(C, D, A, B, X(2), 17, 0x242070dbL);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(4) = l;
R0(B, C, D, A, X(3), 22, 0xc1bdceeeL);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(5) = l;
R0(A, B, C, D, X(4), 7, 0xf57c0fafL);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(6) = l;
R0(D, A, B, C, X(5), 12, 0x4787c62aL);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(7) = l;
R0(C, D, A, B, X(6), 17, 0xa8304613L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(8) = l;
R0(B, C, D, A, X(7), 22, 0xfd469501L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(9) = l;
R0(A, B, C, D, X(8), 7, 0x698098d8L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(10) = l;
R0(D, A, B, C, X(9), 12, 0x8b44f7afL);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(11) = l;
R0(C, D, A, B, X(10), 17, 0xffff5bb1L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(12) = l;
R0(B, C, D, A, X(11), 22, 0x895cd7beL);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(13) = l;
R0(A, B, C, D, X(12), 7, 0x6b901122L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(14) = l;
R0(D, A, B, C, X(13), 12, 0xfd987193L);
(void)HOST_c2l(data, l);
X(15) = l;
R0(C, D, A, B, X(14), 17, 0xa679438eL);
R0(B, C, D, A, X(15), 22, 0x49b40821L);
/* Round 1 */
R1(A, B, C, D, X(1), 5, 0xf61e2562L);
R1(D, A, B, C, X(6), 9, 0xc040b340L);
R1(C, D, A, B, X(11), 14, 0x265e5a51L);
R1(B, C, D, A, X(0), 20, 0xe9b6c7aaL);
R1(A, B, C, D, X(5), 5, 0xd62f105dL);
R1(D, A, B, C, X(10), 9, 0x02441453L);
R1(C, D, A, B, X(15), 14, 0xd8a1e681L);
R1(B, C, D, A, X(4), 20, 0xe7d3fbc8L);
R1(A, B, C, D, X(9), 5, 0x21e1cde6L);
R1(D, A, B, C, X(14), 9, 0xc33707d6L);
R1(C, D, A, B, X(3), 14, 0xf4d50d87L);
R1(B, C, D, A, X(8), 20, 0x455a14edL);
R1(A, B, C, D, X(13), 5, 0xa9e3e905L);
R1(D, A, B, C, X(2), 9, 0xfcefa3f8L);
R1(C, D, A, B, X(7), 14, 0x676f02d9L);
R1(B, C, D, A, X(12), 20, 0x8d2a4c8aL);
/* Round 2 */
R2(A, B, C, D, X(5), 4, 0xfffa3942L);
R2(D, A, B, C, X(8), 11, 0x8771f681L);
R2(C, D, A, B, X(11), 16, 0x6d9d6122L);
R2(B, C, D, A, X(14), 23, 0xfde5380cL);
R2(A, B, C, D, X(1), 4, 0xa4beea44L);
R2(D, A, B, C, X(4), 11, 0x4bdecfa9L);
R2(C, D, A, B, X(7), 16, 0xf6bb4b60L);
R2(B, C, D, A, X(10), 23, 0xbebfbc70L);
R2(A, B, C, D, X(13), 4, 0x289b7ec6L);
R2(D, A, B, C, X(0), 11, 0xeaa127faL);
R2(C, D, A, B, X(3), 16, 0xd4ef3085L);
R2(B, C, D, A, X(6), 23, 0x04881d05L);
R2(A, B, C, D, X(9), 4, 0xd9d4d039L);
R2(D, A, B, C, X(12), 11, 0xe6db99e5L);
R2(C, D, A, B, X(15), 16, 0x1fa27cf8L);
R2(B, C, D, A, X(2), 23, 0xc4ac5665L);
/* Round 3 */
R3(A, B, C, D, X(0), 6, 0xf4292244L);
R3(D, A, B, C, X(7), 10, 0x432aff97L);
R3(C, D, A, B, X(14), 15, 0xab9423a7L);
R3(B, C, D, A, X(5), 21, 0xfc93a039L);
R3(A, B, C, D, X(12), 6, 0x655b59c3L);
R3(D, A, B, C, X(3), 10, 0x8f0ccc92L);
R3(C, D, A, B, X(10), 15, 0xffeff47dL);
R3(B, C, D, A, X(1), 21, 0x85845dd1L);
R3(A, B, C, D, X(8), 6, 0x6fa87e4fL);
R3(D, A, B, C, X(15), 10, 0xfe2ce6e0L);
R3(C, D, A, B, X(6), 15, 0xa3014314L);
R3(B, C, D, A, X(13), 21, 0x4e0811a1L);
R3(A, B, C, D, X(4), 6, 0xf7537e82L);
R3(D, A, B, C, X(11), 10, 0xbd3af235L);
R3(C, D, A, B, X(2), 15, 0x2ad7d2bbL);
R3(B, C, D, A, X(9), 21, 0xeb86d391L);
A = c->A += A;
B = c->B += B;
C = c->C += C;
D = c->D += D;