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#include "pep-dbus-adapter.h"
pEp::pEpDBusAdapter::pEpDBusAdapter() {}
pEp::pEpDBusAdapter::~pEpDBusAdapter() {}
void pEp::pEpDBusAdapter::decrypt_message(const std::string& src, int32_t& status, std::string& dst, std::vector< std::string >& keylist, int32_t& flags)
bool has_possible_pEp_msg;
std::cout << "Trying to decrypt the data" << std::endl;
message **srcm;
::mime_decode_message(src.c_str(), src.size(), srcm, &has_possible_pEp_msg );
//status = ::decrypt_message( mSession, srcm, dstm, keylist, rating, flags );