DBus interface in order to connect DBus applications to the p≡p engine.
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#include <dbus-c++/dbus.h>
#include <pEp/message_cache.hh>
#include "pep-server-glue.h"
struct _pEpSession;
namespace pEp {
class Server
: public security::pep_adaptor,
public DBus::IntrospectableAdaptor,
public DBus::ObjectAdaptor
Server(DBus::Connection &connection);
// Message API
void decryptMessage(const pEpDBusMessage& src, const pEpDBusStringList& keylist, const pEpDBusRating& rating,
const pEpDBusEncryptionFlags& flags, pEpDBusStatus& status, pEpDBusMessage& dst);
struct _pEpSession* mSession;