A clone of ssh://git@git.pep-security.lu:23000/thunderbird/pEpForThunderbird.git, until that one is open source again.
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  1. # p≡p for Thunderbird
  2. ## HOW TO BUILD
  3. Using docker
  4. ```docker build -t <image_tag> . && docker run -v build:/usr/src/app/build <image_tag> ```
  5. Using bash
  6. ```zip -r build/pEp4Tb@pEp.security.xpi chrome```
  7. ## Check syntax statically
  8. You can parse the code with [Babel](https://babeljs.io/) in order to
  9. catch syntax errors. After installing with `npm install` just run:
  10. npm run syntaxCheck
  11. ## Run ESLint
  12. You can run ESLint to check the style guides defined in `.eslintrc.json` with the npm script:
  13. npm run lint
  14. ESLint can auto fix some problems with the option `--fix` but most of them must be fixed manually:
  15. npm run lint --fix
  16. ## Tests
  17. To run tests first is needed to install all dependencies
  18. npm install
  19. ### Run
  20. npm run test