A clone of ssh://git@git.pep-security.lu:23000/thunderbird/pEpForThunderbird.git, until that one is open source again.
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  1. # Message composition
  2. The way the messages are sent is defined depending on the
  3. receiver
  4. ## Encrypted
  5. After selecting a receiver who has already connected to you through
  6. p≡p, you will see a green privacy status bar at the bottom of the
  7. window
  8. ## Unencrypted
  9. No bar will be shown
  10. ## Encryption disabled
  11. Encryption can be disabled because of several reasons
  12. ### Disabled account
  13. There is an option to disable p≡p for a specific account. If p≡p is
  14. disabled for the current account, the privacy bar will show no color
  15. #### Keep decrypting
  16. When p≡p is disabled for an account and "keep decrypting" is set for
  17. the same account, p≡p will encrypt anyway when replying to an
  18. encrypted message
  19. ### Disable button
  20. This button is in the composer toolbar. When the button is toggled,
  21. green and yellow privacy status will be shown with a lighter shade and
  22. the outgoing message will not be encrypted
  23. # Options
  24. You can access pEp options by clicking on the Thunderbird menu which
  25. looks like three bars on the top right of the window. Then click on
  26. Addons -> pEp for Thunderbird
  27. ## Store messages securely
  28. When this option is not checked, your mail will be saved unencrypted on
  29. your mail server
  30. ## Warn if the conversation privacy is lowering
  31. When you reply or forward a private message to untrusted receivers,
  32. the conversation will continue without encryption. In this case you
  33. will see a warning when this option is set
  34. ## Disclaimer
  35. This option is designed to work with the disclaimer functionality
  36. provided by your mail server. You can choose "Only encrypted mail" in
  37. order for p≡p to add the disclaimer to encrypted messages that cannot
  38. be modified by your mail server.
  39. Alternatively you can disable the disclaimer on your server and select
  40. "All mail" here to use only p≡p's disclaimer.