Follow up to commit 20754d54: Remove unneeded message ID assignment (was needed for cache key before switching to opt field).

Jörg Knobloch 2 years ago
parent 20754d54ef
commit 0b8a2454a7

@ -136,8 +136,11 @@ MimeEncrypt.prototype = {
let encryptedMessage = this.controller.synchronise(encryptedPromise);
// The pEp engine assigns a new message ID to the encrypted message, but Thunderbird
// ignores that. So ` =;` has no effect here.
// The desired message ID is already in the inner message.
// If it wasn't encrypted after all (ENC_FORMAT_NONE), get the source, otherwise the destination. =; // Use the same ID, so we can access the message from the cache.
let mimePromise = this.controller.cache_mime_encode_message(encryptedMessage.enc_format == ENC_FORMAT_NONE ? 0 : 1,
encryptedMessage, true);
this.outBuffer = this.controller.synchronise(mimePromise);