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  Jörg Knobloch 5adc9d14ac Finalise "(do not) protect subject" functionality. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 7b603eecf8 Prepare add-on for JSON-183: Not to protect subject for PGP partners if applicable. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 27f23eb507 Tweak some tooltips, especially those for "protect subject". 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 4eb733d8d5 Version 1.1.103. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch d995893973 Compatibility with TB 80 and above: Security flag was renamed in Mozilla bug 1366973/1653118. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 4a31c90c5c P4TB-303: Change pref extensions.pEp.importRNP to false, will be set by the installer. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 4d97b67b2d P4TB-378: Moved "pEp compose button" restore code to add-on startup. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 9c809b8adc P4TB-378: Follow up to commit 94c365cf: Only set value if necessary. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 94c365cfb6 P4TB-378: Restore "pEp button" in compose window if missing. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 5fe7680d0c Remove unneeded export in sendMessage.js. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 2e1ce60aa9 P4TB-303: Check for key acceptance before setting key for comm partner (and simplify linting). 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 3b22137b5c Compatibility with Thunderbird 87: GetMsgAttachmentElement() replaced by gAttachmentBucket in TB bug 1688331. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch fc01aa796f Correctly intialise compFields.composeSecure (gSMFields was removed from Thunderbird). 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 907318b34d P4TB-303: Skip revoked and expired keys. Compare keyId instead of matching FPR. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch fb1c0d3616 Associate private key with Thunderbird identity it is used for. Don't set public key as default key for now. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 663a3bf0df P4TB-303: Import public and private keys from Thunderbird's OpenPGP (RNP backend). 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 135fbb7ee7 P4TB-303: Follow-up to commit 567a19b5: Fix typo/copy-paste error. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 333c6a2359 P4TB-303: Follow-up to commit 8e8c3b42: Make "Import" the default button. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 567a19b5d2 P4TB-303: Import private keys from Thunderbird's OpenPGP (RNP backend). 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 8e8c3b42fc P4TB-303: Framework for importing keys from Thunderbird's OpenPGP (RNP backend). 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch a26d58d8aa Version 1.1.102. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 4defc69a6f Avoid console error when opening message attachment. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch a481ab4cb4 Follow-up to commit 2a9efd93 and commit de52ac57: Better qualify saving of .eml files. Fixes broken attachment saving. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch efda24204d Follow up to commit 43c6cfa3: Only ask for encryption if needed. Related cleanup. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 43c6cfa314 Added safeguard so that when encryption was requested but not obtained, sending of message is stopped. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 0b8a2454a7 Follow up to commit 20754d54: Remove unneeded message ID assignment (was needed for cache key before switching to opt field). 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 20754d54ef Store messageId also in the inner message. It's avaialable in beginCryptoEncapsulation(). 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch c73ffeb477 Adjust to array changes from Thunderbird 85 (deleteMessages(), CopyMessages()). Gains compatibility with TB 86 beta. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch a668413359 Move access to AppConstants to the pEpController. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch f4a571cc4f Added logging for moving Sync messages. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 5024ed3ecb Adjust iteration of address books and attachments to stay compatible with TB 86 beta. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch f7ea7e7c4e Adjust to changed app menu layout in TB 86 beta. 11 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch d55c61f822 Pass empty FPR to key_reset_user() and key_reset_identity(). 12 months ago
  Jorg Knobloch f752b727d4 Remove four parameter interface for some functions being passed an identity. 12 months ago
  Jorg Knobloch 9bad5874ad Add comment to clarify availability of compFields.messageId. 12 months ago
  Jorg Knobloch 63d9102bbc Changed version to 1.1.100. 12 months ago
  Jorg Knobloch 9c7e3d3792 Follow-up to rev. 1736da534511: Fix linting. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch de52ac57f4 Follow-up to rev. 6ed64fbfd46f: Open message/rfc822 attachment for viewing needs to be supported. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch f2b5e57f19 When showFPR is set, format the FPRs a little nicer. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 36f35e1a96 Remove incorrect comment. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 2a9efd9335 Don't decrypt when saving message/rfc822 attachment. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1689326. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch f511335ed8 Workaround for ENGINE-876: If decrypted message doesn't have .sent, get it from the original. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 1e39169096 Empty out the queue of messages we still need to process at shutdown(). 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 7585d6f342 Always supply a window to Services.prompt.alert() to make it "less" modal. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 5cf81a0b72 Rename actionResetUserData() to actionResetUser() and reset-data to reset-user to stop confusion. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch f59ca0c0a5 Make passphrase prompt modal to the main window (instead of globally). 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 5aca1765a7 Minor tweaks to modules to get tests going again. 1 year ago
  Richard Marti 0346f662e1 P4TB-367: Make the dialogs themeable (dark mode support). 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 111213dab5 Switch addon/content/tutorial/tutorial.css from CRLF to LF line endings. 1 year ago
  Jorg Knobloch 2cfa1dc2a0 Adjust comments due to new behaviour of onRecipientsChanged() in TB 78.6.1. 1 year ago