78 Commits (ba4a0b5bbe3cb174cae01fa49a3298d219f62867)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jorg Knobloch e8af8e6205 Lint all the tests, even the dead ones. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch 55eea123fd Fix decrypt_feature_spec.js. 79 pass, 6 fail, sum: 85. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch 1f90a9ebca Fix encrypt_feature_spec.js. 72 pass, 9 fail, sum: 81. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch 0370a7f191 One more: 42 pass, 13 fail, sum: 55. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch 25c470a9f0 Fix myself()-related tests and one more with serverVersion(). 41 pass, 14 fail, sum: 55. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch 63ca6c5025 Fix get_version_feature_spec.js and partly fix token_reload.js. 37 pass, 18 fail. Number of tests: 55. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch 6f1f4e62cb Fix get_outgoing_message_rating_feature.js. 24 tests pass, 21 fail. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch f1992c215c 16 tests pass, 29 fail, 5 "disclaimer" tests disabled. Number of tests: 45. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch 6a1ea9e40a Get test suite going again, all tests still fail: Remove irrelevant tests, fix paths. 2 years ago
  Jorg Knobloch dd401b2756 Change p4t and p4tb to pEp4Tb for chrome:, change preferences to pEp, general cleanup. 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 523a4d52bd Adding mime encode from the adapter 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes e2b41a1e14 Update status 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes dd5880b079 Improvements in pEpMessage definition and removed boundary from Message.toMime 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 3d99bd55b5 Improvements to MimeEmitter 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes f8acd410f4 Added addresses to MimeEmitter 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 836c31b8cc Add tests for Message.toMime method 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes d7811c4c85 Simplifyed P4tb-151 tests and minor changes 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 8d08f74e18 Remove unused dependency 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes eff78043a6 Fixed issue unencrypted messages not attaching public keys 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes cf0b5d568d Implemented passive mode tests 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 5ffc05ed0b Improved test file 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 13b90d77fa Add mockPreferences and adapt test 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 3cbe60fb00 Fixed test 2 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 3827ea4639 Make test run again 2 years ago
  francesco 67bfbef5d8 remove references to the Compat module, closes #P4TB-205 3 years ago
  francesco 387750c00a invert component-view synchronisation, #P4TB-43 3 years ago
  francesco f54063fda1 add a connection between decryption component and view, #P4TB-43 3 years ago
  francesco cc68f40f64 add supposedly required fields to the decryption component 3 years ago
  francesco e4bbaae614 add headers to the decryption component interface 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 876585dd2a Removed bad named function updateStuff and updated decryptFromMessage at tests 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes cf45c98572 Update decryption method 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes c483d31535 Playing with tests 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes b77a67fdd4 Use home dir instead of hardcoded path 3 years ago
  francesco 2614ce6e52 rename a mimeEmitter function 3 years ago
  francesco a5d287e3c1 remove the `full` object wrapper from mime emitter tests 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 933446b81c save development state 3 years ago
  francesco ce24e3c839 merge 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes a9c184fce0 Added extra test using messageFromMime to get a proper message from the adapter 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 2325db8d9e Improved test 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 5c7dbde2af Added test for encrypt a message and then decrypt it. 3 years ago
  francesco afc3667fca P4TB-73 use identity `protectionDisabled` for disabled accounts 3 years ago
  francesco 221fab65a2 P4TB-73 avoid `t1`, `t2` and similar names after the review 3 years ago
  francesco a21fac6f42 disable for specific accounts, P4TB-73 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 5afa56d9dd Add tests for when the Encryption format is none 3 years ago
  francesco 8f998339f0 P4TB-131 add a disclaimer option 3 years ago
  francesco c1baabac87 P4TB-30 warn before lowering a conversation privacy 3 years ago
  francesco cf6f72de0f improvements to the message cloning function 3 years ago
  francesco 2d758574eb remove unused library 3 years ago
  francesco 681dd1cfc0 add a default empty value for fingerprints 3 years ago
  francesco 27047c8602 add partial MIME encoding and message transformation, P4TB-100, P4TB-128 3 years ago