10 Commits (fe5fa54e7d9ef6b75cb660b9412e43eacb78f6bd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jorg Knobloch dd401b2756 Change p4t and p4tb to pEp4Tb for chrome:, change preferences to pEp, general cleanup. 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 62135a7155 Introduce ESLint 3 years ago
  francesco cf343089e2 update `package-lock.json` after installing babel-cli 3 years ago
  francesco 252de0ac6b npm audit fix 3 years ago
  francesco cf5cf1ed81 npm audit fix 3 years ago
  francesco cf6f72de0f improvements to the message cloning function 3 years ago
  francesco 681dd1cfc0 add a default empty value for fingerprints 3 years ago
  francesco 96647989e9 P4TB-108 mock most tests so that they can run in every environment 3 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 7b7626cfe1 Fixing decryption tests. Pending to check if decrypt is really correct or test cases are wrong. 4 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 4fe0cb910e Move forward Decrypt/Encrypt 4 years ago
  Chris Fuertes 6d96b18476 First commit 4 years ago