ENGINE-928, P4TB-400: add set_comm_partner_key(). Bump server_version to 0.22.2

Release_2.1 Release_2.1.2
roker 2 years ago
parent 3d7f977e37
commit 76f8461763

@ -143,6 +143,7 @@ const FunctionMap functions = {
FP( "config_cipher_suite", new FuncCache<void, In_Pep_Session, In<PEP_CIPHER_SUITE>>( "config_cipher_suite", &config_cipher_suite) ),
FP( "config_passphrase", new FuncCachePassphrase<void, In_Pep_Session, In<c_string>>( "config_passphrase" ) ),
FP( "config_passphrase_for_new_keys", new FuncCachePassphrase4NewKeys<void, In_Pep_Session, In<bool>, In<c_string>>( "config_passphrase4nk" ) ),
FP( "set_comm_partner_key", new FuncPC<PEP_STATUS, In_Pep_Session, InOut<pEp_identity*>, In<c_string>>( &set_comm_partner_key ) ),
FP( "Identity Management API", new Separator),
FP( "get_identity" , new FuncPC<PEP_STATUS, In_Pep_Session, In<c_string>, In<c_string>, Out<pEp_identity*>>( &get_identity) ),

@ -118,7 +118,8 @@ const ServerVersion& server_version()
//static const ServerVersion sv(0,21,1); // wrap _all_ Engine functions with passphrase_cache.api(), except config_*() functions.
//static const ServerVersion sv(0,21,2); // JSON-165 the msg param of re_evaluate_message_rating() is now "inout" and not "in" any more
//static const ServerVersion sv(0,22,0); // JSON-183 "Provide an API for pEp4Tb to communicate whether the message subject should be hidden (replaced with pEp)"
static const ServerVersion sv(0,22,1); // ENGINE-890: add disable_all_sync_channels()
//static const ServerVersion sv(0,22,1); // ENGINE-890: add disable_all_sync_channels()
static const ServerVersion sv(0,22,2); // JSON-194: add set_comm_partner_key()
return sv;