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  Roker 073712183f finish detailed API documentation. I hope so. 5 years ago
  Roker ceb1bd2d61 change parameters of 2 function calls from In into InOut 5 years ago
  Roker 89d5df0ebb okay, let's copy the API doc manually... :-/ 5 years ago
  Roker 592ff77262 void-returning functions are okay since a while 5 years ago
  Roker b3995ed3bc add more informations about parameter mapping etc. 5 years ago
  Roker e51a7bd35b merge JSON-35 into default branch. #close JSON-35 5 years ago
  Roker b31f384b40 close branch before merge 5 years ago
  Roker e1aad521d2 added API reference as generated Markdown file. 5 years ago
  Roker c31dbe5e34 create better documentation format. remove "––" from separator names 5 years ago
  Roker f618b2d390 implement documentation generator function in JavaScript 5 years ago
  Roker bbe305f9d9 start branch JSON-35 5 years ago
  Thomas 1b338efada Update documentation 5 years ago
  Roker c88495b627 JSON-34 remove identity->me here too. how could that old code even compile? 5 years ago
  Roker 72281689a6 reworked README.md from Thomas, overlong lines are folded by me. :-) 5 years ago
  Roker 4ebd96b81c JSON-34 remove data member "me" from struct pEp_identity 5 years ago
  Roker 06351e15fc strange... "echo -e" no longer works, but simple "echo" behaves like it and interprets backslash sequences. Very strange... 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 866009d3fa Add files forgotten in last commit 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart b1d1238514 Move out configurable variables from Makefile to Makefile.conf. Add license information 5 years ago
  Roker 9d1ddf0ea3 merge double head 5 years ago
  Roker 2e754f20f8 merge JSON-28 into "default" branch 5 years ago
  Roker dbd53ea2cd close branch before merge 5 years ago
  Roker 5c7b42d2d5 startSync() after session starts. be more robust when startSync() is called more than once. 5 years ago
  Roker 90cb07f1d6 implement it with std::function magic. no std::bind necessary! :-D 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart c8f25887f9 Fix problem finding libasn1 at compile-time 5 years ago
  Roker 538211a141 merge "default" into JSON-28 5 years ago
  Roker d26674f495 merge JSON-32 into default branch. 5 years ago
  Roker ae7a8bc28f close branch before merging into default 5 years ago
  Roker 84b1534ffe add make target "install" 5 years ago
  Roker 4ff37b3bbb remove redundancies in Makefile 5 years ago
  Roker a859796dd0 add HTML_DIRECTORY to Makefile & C++ code 5 years ago
  Roker 7bf035f331 start branch JSON-32 5 years ago
  Roker 48d00be9df clean up, do not clear whole registry when one instance dies 5 years ago
  Roker 5bdad99a8a merge "default" into my branch 5 years ago
  Roker d1165848a0 JSON-29: add re_evaluate_message_rating() to the API 5 years ago
  Roker 8e6eb9e099 merge "default" into "JSON-28" 5 years ago
  Roker 538ad1cb01 merge ENGINE-187 into "default" branch 5 years ago
  Roker a37465fb6b close branch before merge 5 years ago
  Roker 03e2efb60d implement the keyserver lookup threading gedöns 5 years ago
  Roker 17738c81b9 implement callback functions, same way as the sync msg callback functions 5 years ago
  Roker 841f6345f1 start new branch JSON-28 5 years ago
  Roker 9d2df63a5e call clear_errorstack() after each call. :-) 5 years ago
  Roker 2593ce655b new version "(27) Eckenhagen": add command line switch "--sync false" to disable automatic start of keysync at startup. 5 years ago
  Roker 52268f6ed2 new version "(26) Reichshof": change return type from JSON array into JSON object {"output":[...], "return":..., "errorstack":[...]} 5 years ago
  Roker 7451b3f01b merge "JSON-27" into "default" branch 5 years ago
  Roker 09dd76337c close branch before merge 5 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant cb864376e4 ENGINE-187 retrieveNextSyncMsg now update *timeout value with remaining time - fix wrong condition variable wait call 5 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant b5f8df83ac ENGINE-187 retrieveNextSyncMsg now update *timeout value with remaining time 5 years ago
  Roker cefff9db8f *sigh* const-correctnes is hard, especially when dealing with C code that does not care about it. :-/ 5 years ago
  Roker 15cefec20e augment the PEP_STATUS with the error stack 5 years ago
  Roker 76996b6528 start branch JSON-27 5 years ago