38 Commits (2fd28dfadc69621b8e04205a75bb0e1c826585b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  roker 2fd28dfadc MIME-15: remove NUL bytes from text bodies, control chars from header values. 1 year ago
  Roker d98265fde5 be more greedy and try to parse everything that looks remotely as a MIME mail as a MIME mail. Even if it was produced by Apple Mail. 2 years ago
  Roker aa0dcf70a2 add pseudo header if message fulfills the unusual conditions of MIME-12 2 years ago
  Roker 7243c12bae simpler code. :-) 2 years ago
  Roker 125846de36 re-enable MIME-11 features. :-D 2 years ago
  Roker 48c224276b move the splitting of Multipart messages from the caller into the body of handle_multipart() 2 years ago
  Roker 8c8809eebf change handling of Content-Type: multipart/* 2 years ago
  Roker 0543dfeab3 ausgelagert. 2 years ago
  Roker a17439218a okay, according to Volker: the first "text/html" leaf in the MIME tree goes to message->longmsg_formatted, even if ought to be an attachment. Change library code & expectations in the unittest. 2 years ago
  Roker 10e765a9b9 fix MimeTest.Nested! \o/ 3 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder dcdfee1772 fix REAL MEMORY LEAK in the library, found by address sanitizer after fixing all pseudo mem leaks! 3 years ago
  Roker f3e72a756b don't overwrite longmsg nor longmst_formatted if already set. 3 years ago
  Roker abcfe185dc split parse_body() into several functions. Clean-up the code. Avoid memory leaks in b0rken MIME trees and many more... 3 years ago
  Roker 50a7fbd208 don't add the first text/plain (or text/html is no text/plain) as attachment but as msg->longmsg(formatted). 3 years ago
  Roker 79de8c468d it was right. the test data were w0ng! 3 years ago
  Roker 48b622c848 add tests for different Mime-Types. Found out that "Subject" lines are not "phrase"s, but "unstructured" texts. Adapt syntax rules so encoded-words work in "unstructured" header fields, too. NEED MORE TESTING! 3 years ago
  Volker Birk 9e9d1a4285 add license note 3 years ago
  Roker af9660f3bd handle multipart messages uniformly 3 years ago
  Roker e579ecfd92 handle "multipart/alternative" 3 years ago
  Roker 02694c5205 separate struct Message into separate TU to solve cyclic dependencies 3 years ago
  Roker 05947792c4 split bodyparser.cc into separate translation unit: mime_headers.{hh,cc} 3 years ago
  Roker 680e8a1ab4 simplify bodyparser PART 1 3 years ago
  Roker dac68a1e81 be more robust when MIME-Version is set, but Content-Type is b0rken etc. 3 years ago
  Roker f4cca84a08 be more robust: convert all header-keys to lowercase. don't throw on invalid header lines but skip them instead. 3 years ago
  Roker 30f8a4cae0 add Nulllogger and use it to avoid logging to stderr in productive builds. 3 years ago
  Roker bbf4af18de handle Non-MIME mail bodies properly: if valid UTF-8 rturn NFC-normalized string. if not, return it as 7-bit ASCII string 3 years ago
  Roker 80ed56adc7 only convert RFC2231 "extended values" if the parameter name ends with a "*" 3 years ago
  Roker 3c1890893d Oops: Non-MIME mails shall be put in msg->longmsg, not msg->shortmsg (which holds the "Subject" of the e-mail) 3 years ago
  Roker 0611742d40 add parsing of RFC2231-encoded parameter values… *sigh* 3 years ago
  Roker 076418ad22 start to implement MIME body parsers and implement RFC 2231... 3 years ago
  Roker 15b942e9be add ascii_tolower() 3 years ago
  Roker 25dc154b27 make QP encoding also a template. Use it in bodyparser.cc 3 years ago
  Roker 665964a92e move the base64_decoder for BodyLines into bodyparser.cc where it belongs to. 3 years ago
  Roker 5f037ceec0 boost::fusion is an ugly hack. *sigh* I mentioned it in the comment, though.... 3 years ago
  Roker e9d0e2027d rename HeaderField into more generic "NameValue" to use it also in MimeType parameter list etc. 3 years ago
  Roker ee9214802c adopt parser rule to skip spaces in ContentType parameters 3 years ago
  Roker 7da6f26946 start to parse Content-Type header 3 years ago
  Roker 6c1f247449 add stub for parse_body(...) 3 years ago