364 Commits (92823e6367affcc6fb7d505ad7b0789c1b735285)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Roker 415eaf0551 move rules into BasicRules struct: atetxt, atom, atom_nows, dot_atom_text, encoded_words. 2 years ago
  Roker cf63b882cc move rules into BasicRules struct: apsecials, qtext, qcontent, quoted_string. 2 years ago
  Roker a21ac59658 move rules into BasicRules struct: word, phrase, unstructured. 2 years ago
  Roker 3003b3560c merge MIME-8-debug into MIME-6_2nd_try 3 years ago
  Thomas eff9c45c85 Merge with MIME-8-debug 3 years ago
  Roker e155fae2f2 add #ifdef to enable ugly workaround only for WIN32. 3 years ago
  Thomas 3146e4b6a0 Merge with MIME-8-debug 3 years ago
  Roker 8efb85fed1 set errno=0 explicitly. Maybe it helps on MS VC? 3 years ago
  Thomas d85c68f20c Merge with MIME-8-debug 3 years ago
  Roker dc50afb009 add some LOG output to find out what goes w0ng on MS Windows. 3 years ago
  Roker 00dd4a33b4 start a branch to add debug output for MIME-8 3 years ago
  Thomas b19e050227 Merge with MIME-6_2nd_try 3 years ago
  Roker 2be97843ed make HeadersMap a function for right initialization order 3 years ago
  Thomas 7ef7f29923 Merge with MIME-6_2nd_try 3 years ago
  Roker 7bb6e46931 move rules in parse_address into own class, so they are initialized after the global rules in rules.cc 3 years ago
  Roker 40e5cda316 merge did not work as expected. *sigh* 3 years ago
  Roker 5a0552a416 merge Makefile changes from "default" into "MIME-6_2nd_try" 3 years ago
  Roker 24bae65712 also for the "fuzz" program. 3 years ago
  Roker 5ee5219b15 need -liconv on MacOS, but not on Linux. So I copied the BUILD_FOR switches from the Engine's Makefile. :-) 3 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder dbb51389e0 start 2nd try to solve MIME-6. 3 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder dcdfee1772 fix REAL MEMORY LEAK in the library, found by address sanitizer after fixing all pseudo mem leaks! 3 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder 2d14ba3317 fix pseudo memory leak in global data structure to make sanitizer / valgrind quiet and happy. 3 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder e3d0adc350 fix (real or pseudo) memory leaks in unittests to quiten the sanitizer & valgrind. 3 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder dbbe1f88cc add -fsanitize=address to Makefile 3 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder 3ecb21b73c proper signedness 3 years ago
  Thomas d576fa137c Update Windows build 3 years ago
  Thomas c641b2ce11 Merge with default 3 years ago
  Roker 54bb9b4fd4 update NFC data from Unicode 9.0.0 to Unicode 12.1.0. \o/ 3 years ago
  Roker f3e72a756b don't overwrite longmsg nor longmst_formatted if already set. 3 years ago
  Roker 7849e599f6 print_message() handles bloblist_t appropriately now. 3 years ago
  Roker e424951882 add Message::boundary(). 3 years ago
  Roker abcfe185dc split parse_body() into several functions. Clean-up the code. Avoid memory leaks in b0rken MIME trees and many more... 3 years ago
  Roker 7757a4dfdb add Content-ID header when filename starts with "cid://" 3 years ago
  Roker e5268be472 don't throw OutputOverflow exception when only whitespaces are left in base64_decode's input data 3 years ago
  Roker a8b029a331 make a better structured example. 3 years ago
  Roker 4cd0d26969 implement all the complex cases with nested MIME trees etc. :-o 3 years ago
  Roker 38de5bb66d start to generate complex MIME trees.... 3 years ago
  Roker 775cf68961 externalize attachment serialization into attachment.?? 3 years ago
  Roker d84cf282c3 use the new structure. :-) 3 years ago
  Roker a135370662 move more logic to struct Attachment and its helper functions. 3 years ago
  Roker 93d3d4f3fe add tests for MIME-Type determinant 6 and 7 3 years ago
  Roker 50a7fbd208 don't add the first text/plain (or text/html is no text/plain) as attachment but as msg->longmsg(formatted). 3 years ago
  Roker 299fa344c7 this MIME header was b0rken. Now it is parsed correctly. Make clear that this error is kept intentionally. 3 years ago
  Roker 547d27f735 make semi-colon optional, so also b0rken MIME headers are parsed correctly. 3 years ago
  Roker 79de8c468d it was right. the test data were w0ng! 3 years ago
  Roker 6c671e8bb2 add test value for "multipart/alternative" and... found a bug in charset handling of mime parts. *sigh* 3 years ago
  Roker ca56ddc822 add output operators for MimeHeaders and declare them public 3 years ago
  Roker 0735f615df add text/html test and "Content-Transfer-Encoding" as known header line. 3 years ago
  Roker 48b622c848 add tests for different Mime-Types. Found out that "Subject" lines are not "phrase"s, but "unstructured" texts. Adapt syntax rules so encoded-words work in "unstructured" header fields, too. NEED MORE TESTING! 3 years ago
  Roker 36c42cfeee separate print_message from unittest_mime 3 years ago