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  mogria aecfc79803 doc: fixup planning 4 weeks ago
  mogria af424a9ad9 doc: fix link for component diagram in planning 4 weeks ago
  mogria 200dbaa3f3 doc: improve planning document / add component diagram 4 weeks ago
  mogria 367567247d add planning document 4 weeks ago
  mogria 1f75d9fae8 doc: fix nameing to RCE Transport 4 weeks ago
  mogria 2ad49d2289 clang-format: add preferred rules for c++17 includes / namespaces 4 weeks ago
  mogria f990df3a39 build: add Makefile in doc to build diagrams 4 weeks ago
  mogria 2b0d8a522f add component diagram 4 weeks ago
  heck 49400f44af Doc: mvp-spec.md - move out ommited functionality agreed with fdik 4 weeks ago
  mogria 75092a4aae spec: add my changes 1 month ago
  mogria 8f4115c950 crypto: draft header for symmetric encryption 1 month ago
  mogria 0dda720a59 format crypto_dep module 1 month ago
  mogria 9302a15330 build: link cryptopp library for tests as well 1 month ago
  mogria 75d1bbcd00 test: test incrementing nonce 1 month ago
  mogria 21075dd79c crypto: sketch up module, Nonces & Crypto Keys 1 month ago
  mogria 1421c33a95 add some more reading links / bookmarks for the project 2 months ago
  mogria 8cd493d609 improve hello world template file 2 months ago
  mogria b211c5374e Revert "build: every module needs to be named" 2 months ago
  mogria 8638530e36 readme: only gnu/linux is required as platform right now 2 months ago
  mogria d90de6af24 mvp-spec: expand upon tests 2 months ago
  mogria ff2f79c17d build: every module needs to be named 2 months ago
  mogria 0a41228423 adjust local.conf defaults 2 months ago
  mogria c7a20604fb spec: add echo server acceptance test description 2 months ago
  mogria 94e4b8aba7 license: use GPLv3 for now 2 months ago
  mogria adfd2f04bd fix template comment on top of source files 2 months ago
  heck 3bfc22c298 Doc: formatting only 2 months ago
  heck f926512fdd Doc: add evaluation.md 2 months ago
  heck 7ba850d543 Doc: mvp-spec - correct options set 2 months ago
  heck 7fc458664d Doc: mvp-spec - define addr family 2 months ago
  heck a91259930b Doc: mvp-spec - formatting 2 months ago
  heck 6e1db5d706 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.pep.foundation/mogria/libpox 2 months ago
  heck c6a82c5bea Doc: mvp-spec - add "Messages" and "OptionSet" 2 months ago
  mogria 47c5f4486d build: set C++ standard to C++17 2 months ago
  heck 5db68a793a Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.pep.foundation/mogria/libpox 2 months ago
  heck c7809c5f1d Doc: move content into the right places 2 months ago
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