1041 Commits (master)

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  Marcel Schneider 274b088cde More fixes. 1 month ago
  Marcel Schneider fd6ce1f635 Massively simplify the Makefile... 5 months ago
  Andreas Buff 134a4e175b JSON-192 fixes: ignores local.conf PEP_ADAPTER_LIBRARY & LIBEVENT_LIBRARY_PATH 2 months ago
  roker 090e9f1496 JSON-190: default-initialize "Out" variables explicitly. 2 months ago
  roker 6666eaaabc try to re-enable unittests. Still work in progress... 3 months ago
  Lars Rohwedder 70f8cd34b7 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/pEpJSONServerAdapter 3 months ago
  roker 7d572de8e5 ENGINE-890 Add disable_all_sync_channels() 3 months ago
  roker cb33137c85 copy JS test files from old JSON-128 branch 3 months ago
  roker 20848f10a4 copy unittest from old JSON-128 branch 3 months ago
  roker 9bdb84e2be use macros do disable logging when non-debug built. 3 months ago
  roker 486496c626 old Makefile from RC14 copied, because the newer is b0rken, says andreas 3 months ago
  Jorg Knobloch b33a924668 Merge branch 'JSON-183' 3 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch 5f16970cd0 Changed condition to `*rating < PEP_rating_reliable` since that's the determining factor for not encrypting. 3 months ago
  roker d540dff2e1 JSON-183: rename output parameter and add comment, as desired by JK. 3 months ago
  roker f24bb9bdc3 JSON-183: sorry, copy & paste fault. It should be this term. 3 months ago
  roker 6c81956293 JSON-183: menno... do not commit without askin the compiler first... 3 months ago
  roker 6090ec00c6 JSON-183: rename subject_info into partner_info, implement the correct condition, bump server version to 0.22.0 "(47b) Erfurt-Viesselbach" 3 months ago
  roker 618bb62809 JSON-183: break the loop when a non-pEp user is found, because we cannot protect subject for non-pEp users. 3 months ago
  roker 57c9a069db JSON-183: call update_identity() on each identity in msg->to and msg->cc 3 months ago
  roker f432442a66 JSON-183: remove msg->bcc from algorithm. 3 months ago
  roker 9d8c7d9cb1 don't use session->unprotect_subject, so the Client must consult this value before. 3 months ago
  roker 045b7133f2 move callback definition to JS file to make sure it is called when the JS code is loaded completely. 4 months ago
  roker 7f12ad78d5 implement the feature as I have understood it... :-/ 4 months ago
  roker cad942cc94 JSON-183: start branch 4 months ago
  roker 5f668df8e5 .hgignore -> .gitignore 4 months ago
  roker c078766c2f try to fix Makefile.Linux so GTest unittests will compile again... 4 months ago
  Lars Rohwedder c6b8fb7e4a try to fix Makefile.Linux to compile Gtest egain... 4 months ago
  roker 469f529065 update README.md to use git repos. 4 months ago
  Roker 0a5db97b8e merge double head on default branch. 5 months ago
  Roker a75447d78e add -fsanitize=address to linker flags to remove __asan_* linker errors 5 months ago
  Thomas 070b8ad375 Adjust path of libpEpAdapter project in Windows build 5 months ago
  Roker a555c85a99 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC17 for changeset 220c1362694f 5 months ago
  Roker 5329f9505c bump server version to "(47a) Erfurt-Ost" 5 months ago
  Roker 12850cbf93 JSON-179: be more robust for malformed/unusual data 5 months ago
  Roker 79e64b6504 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC16 for changeset 5380ce502b28 5 months ago
  Roker 7911864c2b merge JSON-172 "hang in ./server/logger.cc: void wrapLongLine" into default 5 months ago
  Roker 8919f7381a close branch before commit. 5 months ago
  Roker 061e5e8d12 merge 'default' into this - somewhat older - branch to see whether it makes troubles somewhere... 5 months ago
  Roker 87476e99c1 dump blob's disposition, escape non-ASCII characters in blob values properly. 5 months ago
  Roker 93891d8042 oops, msg->comments is just a 'const char*' (which might be NULL), not a stringlist_t. 5 months ago
  Roker 694f555742 okay, to_json<> crashes, so I dump the struct message manually. *sigh* 5 months ago
  Roker 90a0535b2d ENGINE-864 : accept command line arguments, not only stdin. makes run in debugger easier. 5 months ago
  Roker 794cb051b7 use nfc.o from pEpMIME when compiling against pEpMIME, or my own one when using libetpan. 5 months ago
  Roker 50954530ee ENGINE-864: use identical nfc.hh and nfc.cc that uses string_view as in pEpMIME. 5 months ago
  Roker 75c4afc924 ENGINE-864 -> add switch for libetpan (default) vs. libpEpMIME (MIME_LIB=pEpMIME). 6 months ago
  Roker 9d9d7d0355 add parse_mail to test the MIME parser library easily. 6 months ago
  Roker 298f50af2a reorder static libraries, fix CXX flags etc. 6 months ago
  Roker 61426e2533 merge JSON-160 (the "[[]]" bug) into default. 6 months ago
  Roker 4064aeff24 close branch before merge. 6 months ago
  Roker 02b8739b2c remove that HACK 6 months ago