Repository where nkls researches and experiments with mixnet things
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FROM debian:buster-slim
RUN apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
RUN apt install -y git wget build-essential nano bison python3 linux-perf nmap iputils-ping libssl-dev
RUN mkdir /code
ENV PREFIX=/usr/local
RUN wget
RUN tar -xf boost_1_80_0.tar.gz
WORKDIR /code/boost_1_80_0/tools/build
RUN ./
RUN ./b2 install --prefix=$PREFIX
WORKDIR /code/boost_1_80_0
RUN ./
RUN ./b2 --prefix=$PREFIX
RUN ./b2 install --prefix=$PREFIX
RUN ./b2 install headers --prefix=$PREFIX
RUN git clone --recurse-submodules
WORKDIR /code/libtorrent
RUN b2
RUN b2 install
WORKDIR /code/libtorrent/examples
RUN b2
RUN mkdir binaries
RUN cp /code/libtorrent/examples/bin/gcc-8/debug/address-model-64/cxxstd-14-iso/link-static/threading-multi/* /binaries
ENTRYPOINT /bin/bash