p≡p Foundation

interfacing between transports written in different programming languages

Updated 10 hours ago

A backend for the p≡p Engine built on Sequoia.

Updated 11 hours ago

p≡p for Java

Updated 14 hours ago

Objective-C 0 1

Updated 4 days ago

p≡p JSON adapter

Updated 6 days ago

p≡p for Python

Updated 1 week ago

C++11 library providing functionality common to all adapters.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Platform-independent connection and server settings configuration

Updated 1 month ago

p≡p COM server adapter

Updated 2 months ago

C++ 0 0

PityTest11 is a very flexible C++11 peer-to-peer test framework supporting hierarchically structured test suites, multi-processing, logging, IPC, synchronization and more.

Updated 2 months ago

C++ 0 2

a simple multithreaded webserver

Updated 2 months ago

A C++ wrapper for the basic C datatypes defined by the pEpEngine.

Updated 3 months ago

C++ 0 2

p≡p MIME library

Updated 3 months ago

libetpan - fdik

Updated 4 months ago