IOS-2794 Parameter names

Dirk Zimmermann 2 years ago
parent ea3bf3ff75
commit c1ec8e7236

@ -263,7 +263,7 @@
/// Like `componentsSeparatedByCString`, but calls the given block with each result and the current count.
/// The block will be invoked for every component, together with its count and a boolean denoting if it's the last element.
- (void)componentsSeparatedByCString:(const char *)theCString
block:(void (^)(NSData *, NSUInteger, BOOL isLast))block;
block:(void (^)(NSData *aLine, NSUInteger count, BOOL isLast))block;
@method asciiString

@ -777,7 +777,7 @@ static const char *hexDigit = "0123456789ABCDEF";
- (void)componentsSeparatedByCString:(const char *)theCString
block:(void (^)(NSData *, NSUInteger, BOOL isLast))block
block:(void (^)(NSData *aLine, NSUInteger count, BOOL isLast))block
NSUInteger len = [self length];
NSRange r1 = NSMakeRange(0,len);