IOS-2794 Docs

Dirk Zimmermann 2 years ago
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@ -159,6 +159,8 @@
- (NSData *) subdataToIndex: (NSUInteger) theIndex;
/// Like `subDataWithRange`, but doesn't copy bytes, and instead points to the bytes from the original.
/// @note The caller has to make sure that the returned `NSData` does not exist longer than the `NSData` that owns
/// the actual bytes.
- (NSData *)subdataUncopiedWithRange:(NSRange)range;
@ -262,7 +264,7 @@
/// Like `componentsSeparatedByCString`, but calls the given block with each result and the current count.
/// The block will be invoked for every component, together with its count and a boolean denoting if it's the last element.
/// @Note: Uses `subdataUncopiedWithRange` to produce the `NSData` parts.
/// @note Uses `subdataUncopiedWithRange` to produce the `NSData` parts.
- (void)componentsSeparatedByCString:(const char *)theCString
block:(void (^)(NSData *aLine, NSUInteger count, BOOL isLast))block;