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  Dirk Zimmermann 3927552521 IOS-2794 Wrong approach 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 6f90df8cf7 IOS-2794 Revert "Make that a mutable array" 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 8113bd859b IOS-2794 Revert "Check last line outside the loop" 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 574f415350 IOS-2794 Revert "Lower memory consumption" 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann b222a98ea0 IOS-2794 Revert "Less memory in _removeInvalidHeadersFromMessage" 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 9fe5f23be3 IOS-2794 Revert "Use firstObject uniformly" 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann e68cbbe15b IOS-2794 Test subdata copying 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 90f72c639f IOS-2794 Use firstObject uniformly 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 349806bd17 IOS-2794 Less memory in _removeInvalidHeadersFromMessage 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann a9a1cd7572 IOS-2794 Delete object after SMTP complete 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 88aa4005a1 IOS-2794 Tighten truncateLeadingBytes 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 16764a988f IOS-2794 Set to nil early 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 18671718ca IOS-2794 Lower memory consumption 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 224c0b961b IOS-2794 Check last line outside the loop 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 514cc4b23c IOS-2794 Make that a mutable array 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 5d20e18bf8 IOS-2794 Return own bytes, avoid copy 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 2763eb75f2 IOS-2794 Use less bytes in truncateLeadingBytes 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 5201994d0c Merge branch 'IOS-2736' 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff bb8d56e85a IOS-2736 rm wrong docs (impl changed) 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff ac8b28eaff IOS-2736 uses logger from toolbox. 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 8ea4719c09 Merge branch '1.1.250' 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 0d4b217058 Merge branch 'IOS-2659' into 1.1.250 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff d47ae7b490 IOS-2659 cleans code, API and encapsulation. 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 49363f08d2 IOS-1659 Fixes: typo 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff f38dd1d264 IOS-1659 adds some logging 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 1ff40395a6 IOS-1659 hardens parsing. There were no know issues, but its cleaner now and who knows. 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 01b0731646 Merge branch '1.1.200' 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff f7de8fa80e gitignore 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 8fbc634ea8 adds gitignore 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann f9caeaaa3c merge IOS-2543 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 056915dc6e merge IOS-2543 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 30691ca23e close branch 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann f7c1a70888 IOS-2543 Tighten the CWPart API 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 49b9887754 add branch 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 5f389f88b5 merge IOS-2440 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 51ebc83aac close branch 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann d848f82992 IOS-2440 Use special NSNumber constructors 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 18797c254c IOS-2440 No self needed at all 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann f4f10270e6 IOS-2440 No double-quoted framework imports 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 15a8b6caf9 IOS-2440 LastUpgradeVersion 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 11ca5b749d IOS-2440 CLANG_WARN_QUOTED_INCLUDE_IN_FRAMEWORK_HEADER 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann c603cdf48e IOS-2440 Assert on CWIMAPStore.folderWithName 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 4433dd8d72 IOS-2440 Docs 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann c03e853d48 IOS-2440 Noone uses CWStore.folderEnumerator 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 7365848a50 IOS-2440 Cast to int 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 964efe9e71 IOS-2440 Cast to int 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann d9463caa6b IOS-2440 Some safe casts to int 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 98058dbd75 IOS-2440 Remove un-implemented method 2 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann cf95e74261 add branch 2 years ago
  buff b27b25ce43 merge 1.1.200 2 years ago