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  heck 2c47da96a2 .gitignore 2 weeks ago
  heck 8f7fac9e00 .clang-format - totally forgotten to move that from the old repo 2 weeks ago
  heck 4f5ef09709 AbstractPityUnit - Change to_string(ExecutionModes) 2 weeks ago
  heck 675c1072f4 AbstractPityUnit - AbstractPityUnit::to_string() remove path 2 weeks ago
  heck 0091aec6b5 AbstractPityUnit - unneccessary functions commented out 2 weeks ago
  heck a4d040d00b Tests: test_execmodes - minor stuff 2 weeks ago
  heck f469f2fcd5 Tests: update test_processdirs 2 weeks ago
  heck 16278a60c1 Fix: cwd is processDir() always 2 weeks ago
  heck 2169f921c3 Fix: PityUnit make resilient against cwd changes. 2 weeks ago
  heck b78ec5d9f0 DOC: move comments to header 2 weeks ago
  heck 0291ee4737 FIX: fs-mutex - make resilient against cwd changes. 2 weeks ago
  heck 82bdee4eff Tests: update for pointers instead of refs. 2 weeks ago
  heck aedf73f772 Return pointers instead of refs, because its too dangerous with the bloody auto keyword that takes a copy if you are not careful. This will never happen using pointers. 2 weeks ago
  heck 33864efbb1 Create project structure after extraction from libpEpAdapter repo 2 weeks ago
  heck 586ba76435 Tests - rename utils.hh to test_utils.hh 1 month ago
  heck 9af15eeec0 Test: PityTest - Fix linux build 3 months ago
  heck 7acf7fc0c7 Test: PitySwarm - fix bug swarm of size 1 3 months ago
  heck b9eff876eb Test: PityTest - a build dep to get rid of again... 3 months ago
  heck ac3cf758ec Test: PityTest - test_swarm updated 3 months ago
  heck a7ba15db86 Test: PityTest - PityNode add class TestIdent 3 months ago
  heck e598cb4322 Test: PityTest - PityPerspective group and peer handling 3 months ago
  heck 60f38eefc9 Test: PityTest - PitySwarm perspective transformation updated 3 months ago
  heck fa567c69b6 Test: PityTest - PitySwarm copy is borken, and also transport has a problem because ident is unit name, which exists twice then... 3 months ago
  heck e57d1c6b61 Test: PityTest - update tests 3 months ago
  heck a0e6a0cfe3 Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit fix PROC_SEQ (added wait()), rename 3 months ago
  heck 0fead0a3fb Test: PityTest - update test_pitytree.cc 3 months ago
  heck 8121882f98 Test: PityTest - PitySwarm overhaul, copyable now, getLeafUnit() HACK BECAUSE NO TIME, in the end there will of course be several leaf units in any swarm node.... but for now we just copy the swarm... 3 months ago
  heck 89c7d3e80b Test: PityTest - PityUnit add setContext() twice, pointer takes reference, Value copies and own the thing.... 3 months ago
  heck 158caafa2a Test: PityTest - PityTree addCopy() for lvalue refs, too, please, add getChildrenCount(), debatable, copy-assign i think i like to avoid it. 3 months ago
  heck 4d2be74b06 Test: PityTest - PityPerspective make model const, lets see... 3 months ago
  heck f8a579fd99 Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit add setExecMode() 3 months ago
  heck 730cf29479 Test: PityTest - update tests 3 months ago
  heck 0183ea0047 Test: PitySwarm - Adjust ownership model for new PityTree 3 months ago
  heck 53fbdb0a02 Test: PityTest - PityUnit Include cleanup 3 months ago
  heck f485c09bb4 Test: PityTest - PityTree Include cleanup 3 months ago
  heck c84b31a559 Test: PityTest - PityTransport.cc Include cleanup 3 months ago
  heck 7409ed4b26 Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit.cc Include cleanup 3 months ago
  heck 757225f227 Test: PityTest - PityUnit when copy, make a copy of the inherited model. 3 months ago
  heck 7eee9affab Test: PityTest - PityUnit add ad-hoc class as default TestContext. We should have a proper baseclass for the context. 3 months ago
  heck ab0a743ad2 Test: PityTest - PityTree addNew() as abstract factory with perfect forwarding 4 months ago
  heck 3c8e3c0705 Test: PityTest - PityUnit add copy assign operator 4 months ago
  heck 3c3cd5b536 Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit add copy assign operator 4 months ago
  heck 9bd1c7355c Test: PityTest - PityTree add copy assign operator 4 months ago
  heck 6639ef142a Test: PityTest - test_assert.cc updated 4 months ago
  heck e446bc3d32 Test: PityTest - test_processdirs updated (Old/New API) 4 months ago
  heck 87288250ed Test: PityTest - test_processdirs updated 4 months ago
  heck 2293191e12 Test: PityTest - test_pitytree now design example 4 months ago
  heck 905141dc3b Test: PityUnit - Copy C'tor, clone() 4 months ago
  heck 400989655b Test: PityTest - Copy C'tor 4 months ago
  heck 45be1fe127 Test: PityTree - RValue refs, copy constructor, addRef/addCopy/addNew 4 months ago