PityTest11 is a very flexible C++11 peer-to-peer test framework supporting hierarchically structured test suites, multi-processing, logging, IPC, synchronization and more.
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heck a4d040d00b Tests: test_execmodes - minor stuff 7 months ago
test_assert.cc Test: PityTest - test_assert.cc updated 11 months ago
test_execmodes.cc Tests: test_execmodes - minor stuff 7 months ago
test_linear.cc Test: PityTest - update tests 10 months ago
test_pitytree.cc Tests: update for pointers instead of refs. 7 months ago
test_processdirs.cc Tests: update test_processdirs 7 months ago
test_swarm.cc Create project structure after extraction from libpEpAdapter repo 8 months ago