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<div class="agreement">
<h2>p≡p Foundation – Contributor Copyright Assignment</h2>
<p>p≡p is a project founded, developed, directed and supported by the p≡p
Foundation, Oberer Graben 4, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland, a non-profit and
tax-exempt foundation founded and registered in Switzerland (UID
CHE‑497.782.377, the "Foundation"), which aims to develop free software to
advocate privacy, freedom of information and freedom of speech (the "Project").
The Project is open to contributions transmitted by entities and individuals
outside of the Foundation.</p>
<p>As a Contributor to the Project, I hereby irrevocably assign and transfer to
the Foundation my entire right, title, and interest (including all rights under
copyright) in my contributions (including source code) to the Foundation, its
successors and assigns, in perpetuity and worldwide, for use with the Project
(the "Contributions"). This assignment is non-exclusive, i.e., I remain free to
use Contributions as I see fit.</p>
<p>As a Contributor to the Project, I hereby represent and warrant that I am
the sole right holder (including copyright) for all of my Contributions, and
that I have the power and the right to execute this assignment.</p>
<p>The Foundation guarantees that all projects where the Contributions will be
used remain being published under one of the GNU Licenses.</p>
<p>This assignment shall be governed by Swiss law. The courts of Winterthur in
Zurich, Switzerland shall have exclusive jurisdiction.</p>