p≡p contribution website
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{% extends "register/base.html" %}
{% load i18n %}
{% get_current_language as LANGUAGE_CODE %}
{% block main %}
<p>{% blocktrans %}If you're already a registered contributor, then you can
find information about the state of development of the p≡p project you're
interested in by either browsing the repo or the ticket system of the
project you're interested in, or by sending an email to the maintainer.
{% endblocktrans %}</p>
<p>{% trans "Please use this directory for finding the needed links" %}:</p>
<h1>{% trans "Software projects of p≡p" %}</h1>
<th>{% trans "Software project" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Maintainer" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Email" %}</th>
{% for project in object_list %}
<td><p><strong>{{ project.name }}</strong></p><p>{{ project.desc }}</p></td>
<td><a href="{{ project.url }}">{{ project.url }}</a></td>
<td>{{ project.maintainer }}</td>
<td><a href="mailto:{{ project.maintainer.email }}">{{ project.maintainer.email }}</a></td>
{% endfor %}
{% endblock %}