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  Hussein Kasem a6ae0be44a
Change output dir to match other libs $PREFIX 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 27fe2fc3aa Remove death code and avoid unzip and clean up 64bit. 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 8ec70665b8 Use cp -RL instead of cp -rL 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 2c4d160b59 Remove commented code 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 93c60fb294 Add arm64-v8a 2 years ago
  Krista Grothoff 01632ee738 Platform change at Huss's request 5 years ago
  pepdev af01c335ec Android: added ICONV_PREFIX as a build.sh env var 6 years ago
  pepdev 9d734adad0 Android: disabled ssl sasl, unused in pEp 6 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 24a2420ac2 Fixes for android build 6 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH ab57331e65 Fixed build on Android 7 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 2a2307c3b7 Added required files to android build 7 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH e3cba982c4 third-parties -> third-party 7 years ago
  Hoa V. Dinh 37fa581302 Additional instructions 7 years ago
  Hoa V. Dinh 95752542a3 Improved build on Android 7 years ago
  Hoa V. Dinh f6a6c85b45 Improved Android.mk for libetpan 7 years ago
  Hoa V. Dinh d708babae5 Instructions to build for android 7 years ago