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Hoa V. Dinh 787146dbcf Enable bitcode build 8 years ago
Ewan Mellor 9dc45796c9 Fix build for Xcode 7.0 beta 5.
This beta has added (or at least rearranged) the SDKs to include
WatchOS.  This results in SDK_IOS_VERSION finding the WatchOS version
number (2.0) instead of the iOS SDK version number.

Fix this by rewriting the lines that handle xcodebuild to use
different logic that is more robust.

Tested on Xcode 6.4 and Xcode 7.0 beta 5.
8 years ago
Hoa V. Dinh 4057dd1529 Fixed 9 years ago
Hoa V. DINH 9a4aef1c5c Fixed build for Xcode 5.1 9 years ago
Hoa V. DINH 5fbe34b90b Quote paths properly 10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH 23f1554f21 Fixed build on 10.9 / Xcode 5 10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH 6c030e4f5c Fixed arch name 10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH 5d8a4fdf25 build x86_64 for cyrus sasl 10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH 2212c7a5ed Fixed build with Xcode 5 10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH f19ac04bcd Fixed min SDK version 10 years ago
Matt Ronge 1d93aeef6d Moved min SDK up to 6 for arm64 support 10 years ago
Matt Ronge de15f193ba Arm64 support 10 years ago
Ewan Mellor 1302fe9c22 Support Xcode in non-standard locations.
Use xcode-select --print-path to find the currently selected Xcode.
This avoids hardcoding /Applications/, so that it is
possible to use Xcode from non-standard locations (I have Xcode4
and Xcode5 installed in parallel).

Note that it is not possible to have Xcode installed in a path
with a space (I used "Xcode 5" originally).  I tried to fix this
but it looks like sasl's configure and build would never manage it.
10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH f6a2448621 Fixed build of dependency - libsasl 10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH 6f5b57bc46 Added a patch for Cyrus SASL to fix the regression on iOS. See 10 years ago
Hoa V. DINH a111cdc771 armv6 is deprecated 10 years ago
Juan V. Guerrero 0e3b8e4858 Fixes SASL compilation under Xcode 4.5
* Adds support for armv7s
* Correctly identifies when to use gcc instead of clang
11 years ago
DINH Viet Hoa 47966324a1 build for iOS 11 years ago