39 Commits (c09f9cad2d9331645616a233aa634ccef27bbd09)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dunemaster c09f9cad2d added critical section deletion on windows 7 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 6de5766e8f Fixed 32bits/64bits conversions (fixed #162) 7 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 8f53629314 Fixed #145: gnutls init 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH e9981bd2ff Fixed again 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH b556ddc2e3 Really fix it 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 96b9fc7ce0 Fixed get certificate 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH eb85efe484 Fixed OpenSSL version of mailstream_ssl_get_certificate(). 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy f520aa75d2 Fix extra byte at end of DER certificates, that is unneeded. 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy a498f4902e Same for mailstream_ssl_get_certificate() 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy 5f4013d95d Use dynamic allocation for cert export 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy 28030dc12d Implement the GnuTLS version of mailstream_low_ssl_get_certificate_chain() 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH da8d464a02 Fixed IMAP IDLE on COMPRESSed streams 8 years ago
  dunemaster a44fff9c0b Compilation error on Windows with SSL enabled (#111) 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 28efb13757 Fixed compile error on Windows 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH e67180be74 Windows native locks support 8 years ago
  Yazhong Liu da70adb7bc use `SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS` to save memory 8 years ago
  Yazhong Liu 1c617bcc70 remove duplicate calls 8 years ago
  rezso 18d45efc19 gnutls_handshake_set_timeout added in gnutls 3.1.0 8 years ago
  rezso d3be51a2d9 fix deprecated functions 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH c4443cd85d Fixed #86: fixed build for GnuTLS 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH b375332c53 Fixed #86: Fixed build for GnuTLS 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH cff50f6529 Support for retrieval of SSL certificates 8 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa e4bec41000 specific timeout for each connection 9 years ago
  Colin Leroy 958402b21f Fix Windows (Mingw32) build. 9 years ago
  Peter F Weller f0dca9b79f check gnutls_init_not_required before calling gnutls_global_deinit() 9 years ago
  Peter F Weller 8ec13ee194 call gnutls_global_init() each time we make a new ssl connection so we can ensure resources are correctly released when connections are closed 9 years ago
  Peter F Weller 39f7ec30d4 release resources when closing gnutls session 9 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 47966324a1 build for iOS 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 0eb2ffd733 fixed build 10 years ago
  Matt Ronge d9f98c5fb7 openssl is configured to be thread safe if libetpan is compiled to be reentrant 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 6348389089 socket leaks and memory leaks (fixed #9) 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 5f535b03ce support for CFNetwork, helpers for IMAP IDLE 10 years ago
  Colin Leroy 359d044721 * Use NORMAL instead of EXPORT, which has unsecure protocols set. 10 years ago
  Colin Leroy 9abb01afa3 Stop using deprecated GnuTLS priority APIs and use the new one 10 years ago
  Colin Leroy 2ab999ff8c Fix for GnuTLS 2.12+ - See: 10 years ago
  Colin Leroy 0948e98c15 Fixed wrong deinit on error path. 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 9155727e0b import from CVS 11 years ago