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The purpose of this mail library is to provide a portable, efficient framework for different kinds of mail access: IMAP, SMTP, POP and NNTP.

It provides an API for C language.

Build Status


  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • POP
  • NNTP
  • RFC822/MIME message builder
  • RFC822/MIME message parser
  • Maildir
  • mbox
  • MH

Build instructions


You need to install autoconf, automake and libtool. They can be installed using brew.

$ ./
$ make
$ gcc -c -o sample.o sample.c `libetpan-config --cflags`
$ gcc -o sample sample.o `libetpan-config --libs`

Mac / iOS

  • Download Xcode
  • Open build-mac/libetpan.xcodeproj
  • Choose the correct target "static libetpan" for Mac or "libetpan ios" for iOS.
  • Build

Setup a Mac project

  • Add libetpan.xcodeproj as sub-project
  • Link with libetpan.a

Setup an iOS project

  • Add libetpan.xcodeproj as sub-project
  • Link with libetpan-ios.a
  • Set "Other Linker Flags": -lsasl2

Build on Windows

  • See README and Visual Studio Solution in build-windows folder

More information

See for more information and examples.