C++11 library providing functionality common to all adapters.
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  1. # How to build
  2. To customize your build, you may change several variables that are consumed by make.
  3. These variables, along with some explanations can be found in Makefile.conf.
  4. You can edit that file, or create a file `local.conf` in the root of the repository, which will also be parsed by make.
  5. A sample `local.conf` looks like this:
  6. ~~~
  7. PREFIX=$(HOME)/code/libad/build
  8. ENGINE_LIB=-L$(HOME)/code/engine/build/lib
  9. ENGINE_INC=-I$(HOME)/code/engine/build/include
  10. ~~~
  11. Now, run:
  12. ~~~
  13. make all
  14. make install
  15. ~~~