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// This file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
// see LICENSE.txt
#pragma once
5 years ago
#include <functional>
#include <string>
#include <thread>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <memory>
#include <pEp/sync_api.h>
namespace pEp {
// throws std::bad_alloc if status==PEP_OUT_OF_MEMORY,
// throws std::invalid_argument if status==PEP_ILLEGAL_VALUE,
// throws RuntimeError when 'status' represents another exceptional value.
void throw_status(PEP_STATUS status);
struct RuntimeError : std::runtime_error {
RuntimeError(const std::string& _text, PEP_STATUS _status);
std::string text;
PEP_STATUS status;
namespace Adapter {
int _inject_sync_event(SYNC_EVENT ev, void *management);
PEP_STATUS _ensure_passphrase(PEP_SESSION session, const char *fpr);
template<class T = void>
void startup(
messageToSend_t messageToSend,
notifyHandshake_t notifyHandshake,
T *obj = nullptr,
std::function< void (T *) > _startup = nullptr,
std::function< void (T *) > _shutdown = nullptr
// returns 'true' when called from the "sync" thread, 'false' otherwise.
5 years ago
bool on_sync_thread();
// returns the thread id of the sync thread
std::thread::id sync_thread_id();
enum session_action {
class Session {
using SessionPtr = std::unique_ptr<_pEpSession, std::function<void(PEP_SESSION)>>;
SessionPtr _session = nullptr;
PEP_SESSION operator()(session_action action = init);
extern thread_local Session session;
// injects a NULL event into sync_event_queue to denote sync thread to shutdown,
// and joins & removes the sync thread
void shutdown();
bool is_sync_running();
bool in_shutdown();
#include "Adapter.hxx"