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#pragma once
#include <vector>
3 years ago
#include <functional>
#include <mutex>
#include "Adapter.hh"
#include "Semaphore.hh"
3 years ago
#include "passphrase_cache.hh"
namespace pEp {
3 years ago
// use this class when implementing a desktop adapter
// register different interfaces with add()
// then use CallbackDispatcher::start_sync() to start Sync
// and CallbackDispatcher::stop_sync() to stop Sync
class CallbackDispatcher {
3 years ago
using proc = std::function<void()>;
struct callbacks {
::messageToSend_t messageToSend;
::notifyHandshake_t notifyHandshake;
3 years ago
proc on_startup;
proc on_shutdown;
std::vector<callbacks> targets;
Semaphore semaphore;
3 years ago
void add(
::messageToSend_t messageToSend,
::notifyHandshake_t notifyHandshake,
proc on_startup = nullptr,
proc on_shutdown = nullptr
void remove(::messageToSend_t messageToSend);
static void start_sync();
static void stop_sync();
3 years ago
static PEP_STATUS messageToSend(::message *msg);
static PEP_STATUS notifyHandshake(::pEp_identity *me,
::pEp_identity *partner, ::sync_handshake_signal signal);
void on_startup();
void on_shutdown();
PEP_STATUS _messageToSend(::message *msg);
PEP_STATUS _notifyHandshake(::pEp_identity *me,
::pEp_identity *partner, ::sync_handshake_signal signal);
3 years ago
friend const char *PassphraseCache::add(const std::string& passphrase);
3 years ago
extern CallbackDispatcher callback_dispatcher;