22 Commits (master)

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  Luca Saiu 69ce6c0550 LIB-19: fix easy compilation problems 4 weeks ago
  heck 8a6aba672d std_utils: further improve the random funcs, hopefully. 1 month ago
  heck b8a208d3a5 std_utils - Templatize bin2hex() / hex2bin() 2 months ago
  heck e449d65a4f std_utils.hh - Add dir_get_cwd() / dir_set_cwd() 2 months ago
  heck f27b87d587 bin2hex - Add alternative 2 months ago
  heck 91d7e47734 Add missing includes 2 months ago
  heck 15f7c3de60 std_utils - add hex2bin() / bin2hex() 2 months ago
  heck 528d823b19 std_utils - add to_lower(string) 2 months ago
  heck cbdc72995e formatting only / doc 2 months ago
  heck b41bba4143 std_utils - templatize file_read_bin() / file_write_bin 2 months ago
  heck 06f9faeb32 std_utils.hh - add path_dirname() and path_get_abs(); 2 months ago
  RCE 966990f09e Fix: Add missing include 3 months ago
  heck 7c1c8016f9 std_utils.hh - add file_read_bin() / file_write_bin() 3 months ago
  Thomas d4b35f3536 path_ensure_not_existing() doesn't seem to be used on Windows... 5 months ago
  heck 44b0c23161 std_utils.cc - hopefully improve path_ensure_not_existing/dir_recreate 5 months ago
  heck f95efdb92d Includes for linux build. 5 months ago
  heck bf203337f4 std_utils: add clip() / tldr() 6 months ago
  heck 56f24c5e7b std_utils: add random_string() random_char() / dir_ensure() / file_read() / dir_recreate() 6 months ago
  heck ca05767dff std_utils: Add termCol support 6 months ago
  heck 052c6d5b81 pEpLog - some improve logH1, logH2 6 months ago
  heck a015331c53 Split utils.cc and add std_utils.cc 7 months ago