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  heck c386664a1a Test: PityTest - Add Perspective peers/partner etc... 4 months ago
  heck 3ac5b641d8 Test: PityTest - Add fs_mutex (a very primitive IPC sync method) 4 months ago
  heck e45dd9604d Test: PityTest - Add transport 4 months ago
  heck 26996f4fd4 Test: PityTest - PityUnit move stuff to std_utils.cc 4 months ago
  heck 9f579de001 Test: utils.cc - move sleep_millis() to std_utils.cc 4 months ago
  heck 56f24c5e7b std_utils: add random_string() random_char() / dir_ensure() / file_read() / dir_recreate() 4 months ago
  heck 9849a98124 Tests: PityTest - PityNode add inbox dir 4 months ago
  heck 0e270102a3 Tests: Pitytest - Model creates ProcessNodes 4 months ago
  heck 972bf654d8 .gitignore 4 months ago
  heck c05f6e339d Tests: PityTest - Add test_transport.cc 4 months ago
  heck e651caf3b2 Tests: PityTest - Add test_model.cc 4 months ago
  heck 6ec2f2246a Tests: PityNode - update tests 4 months ago
  heck 1e50153809 Tests: PityNode - first shot 4 months ago
  heck c6f377fc2b Tests: PityModel - First shot 4 months ago
  heck 62a99f3c63 Tests: PityUnit - Fixes and renames 4 months ago
  heck 8989c84f25 Tests: PityUnit - Add termCol support 4 months ago
  heck ca05767dff std_utils: Add termCol support 4 months ago
  heck 8cb1fe5ea0 pEpLog: Add termCol support 4 months ago
  heck 6fe42706e6 Tests: PityTest11 - dirs ftw nr.2 5 months ago
  heck b496d620d2 Tests: PityTest11 - add test_linear 5 months ago
  heck 1429ef9966 Tests: PityTest11 - update tests 5 months ago
  heck 8aa9a8136d Tests: PityTest11 - create dirs 5 months ago
  heck de01a38d10 Tests: PityTest11 - test_processdirs done 5 months ago
  heck ed6d01b4e2 Tests: PityTest11 - test_execmodes 5 months ago
  heck d05a89baa6 Tests: PityTest11 - Test status output 5 months ago
  heck ed3d34f6b3 Tests: PityTest11 - add PTASSERT() 5 months ago
  heck 60655faf02 Tests: delete old prototypes 5 months ago
  heck 50b296b0b5 GroupManagerInterfaces: no virtual destructor, i think 5 months ago
  heck d6fc9cf132 Test: PityTest11 dir rename 5 months ago
  heck d04f53b4a7 Test: pEpTestTree - Rebranding! its now PityTest11 \o/ 5 months ago
  heck f54750366c Test: pEpTestTree - impl is now hxx 5 months ago
  heck 9f36d71228 Test: pEpTestTree - update tests 5 months ago
  heck 774022cb49 Test: pEpTestTree - made generic for the model type 5 months ago
  heck 82fb83b706 Test: pEpTestTree - TestModel forgot virtual (baseclass maybe not even needed) 5 months ago
  heck 6c56d3a94e pEpLog - improve decoration / add logH3 5 months ago
  heck b6e9e59658 Build: test fw not no main Makefile 5 months ago
  heck 4a38564ce6 pEpTestTree - loads of improvements and func 5 months ago
  heck ccd20fdd74 std_utils: padTo() 5 months ago
  heck 052c6d5b81 pEpLog - some improve logH1, logH2 5 months ago
  heck da671817e6 pEpLog - some improve logH1, logH2 5 months ago
  heck 4d4acd22bb grp_manager_interface.hh - forgot the virtual destructors 5 months ago
  heck ba34baa2eb Tests: pEpTest changes, its getting there... wait for it. 5 months ago
  heck e5aa2284ae pEpLog - Add PID 5 months ago
  heck 2d7ec43fbc Test: Add test_pEpTest_basic 5 months ago
  heck 17585d1ee6 Test: Add pEpTest to the build 5 months ago
  heck af276f6f70 Test: pEpTest fix execution model 5 months ago
  heck 6dcdab26d8 Tests - fix naming of test_pEpTest_basic.cc 5 months ago
  heck f62aae7658 pEpLog - fix pEpLogClassRaw 5 months ago
  heck aac0603b60 Tests: add first draft of pEpTest 5 months ago
  heck 9426b6dcfa pEpLog - typos and comments 5 months ago