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  heck 5008848ba4 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 5 months ago
  heck 24aafa8311 Test: test_message_cache.cc - missing include 7 months ago
  heck e27d594be6 C++ standard pEp-wide has been reverted to C++11 7 months ago
  heck 9b3975189f Test: Build - add -lpthread 7 months ago
  heck 384753a177 Merge branch 'LIB-11' - The group update API can be regarded stable, and can be used by the adapters. But no query functions yet (because no dummy backend yet) 8 months ago
  heck 5e7a46b5ec LIB11: adapter_group.h - comment out unimplemented query functions 8 months ago
  heck c28ecc5764 LIB11: Test - update 8 months ago
  heck d79fb50070 Tests: Framework - Add funcs logH1 / logH2 8 months ago
  heck 18d61b9f06 LIB-11: Test - add group_rating() / Failing / create / functions for Test Units 8 months ago
  heck dc8d340190 adapter_group.cc - pEpLog() every function call 8 months ago
  heck 5df8a83544 LIB-11: update test (memberlist of create_group() can only have NON-OWN identities) 8 months ago
  heck 805c28a92f LIB-11: update test 8 months ago
  heck 1de257538d Tests: Framework - add identitylist_to_string() 8 months ago
  heck 030164dbe2 LIB-11: Update adapter_group.h from engine group.h 8 months ago
  heck 706e2d343d .gitignore 8 months ago
  heck 5555066c4b Tests: add test_group.cc 8 months ago
  heck c8590750c8 Tests: Framework - Add utils.cc with some *_to_string() funcs 8 months ago
  heck 0aa66aa543 Tests: compiler generated header prerequisites somehow not working 8 months ago
  heck b02fb84ecf Tests: lets use namespace pEp, but not more. (Its just a LOT easier to navigate especially for other people, plus the habit of just including every namespace everywhere does not scale, its messy). Use namespace aliases. 8 months ago
  heck 04b86758fa Tests: framework.hh - no using directives in headers.... 8 months ago
  heck b54f9d122b Build: Makefiles cleanup 8 months ago
  heck 07b4ee6e97 tests: create subdir "framework" 8 months ago
  heck e87cbc18dd move group module to src 8 months ago
  heck 69367324f9 adapter_group.cc - initial draft 9 months ago
  heck 91583a93fd minor formatting only (auto) 9 months ago
  heck f33262f152 LIB-11: use prefix "group_" for query functions / use prefix "adapter_" for "wrapped" Group management functions 9 months ago
  heck 8d6be151ad LIB-11: Add "Group management functions" from pEpEngine/group.h 9 months ago
  heck 28d80bf2b1 LIB-11: Add const to [in] params 9 months ago
  heck cbeb640237 LIB-11: Add group query API (1st draft) 9 months ago
  heck 768e02a6a4 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 8 months ago
  heck c2e6504895 LIB-15 - update test (just add some output) 8 months ago
  heck 08a09d41e6 LIB-15 - "Need cache_decrypt_message() to pass back longmsg/longmsg_formatted" 8 months ago
  Thomas 1483087317 Adapt Windows build project to new file structure 8 months ago
  heck 3dd36d3c5e Merge branch 'master' into Release_2.1 8 months ago
  heck 1511498d82 Merge branch 'android-build' into Release_2.1 8 months ago
  Hussein Kasem 424cf17bf4
Android build: Update for 2.1.19+ 8 months ago
  heck 0517b9be69 Add Adapter::inject_sync_shutdown() to be used if _adapter_manages_sync_thread 8 months ago
  heck 2b41a6717e pEpLog - includes in headers are to be avoided if possible 8 months ago
  heck b9b67866c4 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 8 months ago
  heck 9eb0b4c032 _inject_sync_event: undo the renaming for now. 8 months ago
  heck ba3f8d141d Merge branch 'master' into Release_2.1 8 months ago
  heck 9b4a3c7871 CI: DEPENDENCIES - libpEpAdapter does not specify engine version to be used. 8 months ago
  heck 35fda5286b Merge branch 'android-build' into Release_2.1 8 months ago
  Hussein Kasem 54875050e2
LIB-14 Android build: Always include android/log.h not just on debug 8 months ago
  heck 364bc2214d Tests: ensure GPL3.0 License Header 8 months ago
  Volker Birk 25379daed8 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gitea.pep.foundation:23065/pEp.foundation/libpEpAdapter 8 months ago
  heck 9f342cef80 Tests: Be ::explicit about global namespace, dont include headers in headers (unnecessarily), be in the namespace pEp, not more 8 months ago
  heck 7cd8f9eaec Tests: Build: include project headers first, then prefix 8 months ago
  heck 9b2defe5fb LIB-13: YES, diff breaking cahnge, reformat tests. clang-format now or never! 8 months ago
  heck 1a14b1a205 Adapter.*: Add Sync/Async switchable Event execution. rework needed, higher level API, as a class. 8 months ago