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heck a6ecab9602 PityTest11: EXTRACT TestFramework PitTest11 into own repo. Is a test-dependency now. 2 years ago
heck d65b959296 Tests - rename utils.hh to test_utils.hh 2 years ago
heck c177dc00ce Test: PityTest - framework/utils cpt idents have no id / moved group to Perspective 2 years ago
heck 3ac1052cda Tests: test utils - add decryptMessage() using flags 2 years ago
heck f95efdb92d Includes for linux build.
Some windows compat ensured
2 years ago
heck aa9139c1bc Tests: Utils - add pEpIdentList / Group / split createIdentity into createOwnIdent() / createCptIdent() / createRawIdent()
CPT == counterparty
2 years ago
heck a70692acde Tests: Utils - use tuples for EncryptResult / DecryptResult 2 years ago
heck 420ec93e9e Tests: test_tofu - refactor out the datatypes and utils 2 years ago
heck 9f579de001 Test: - move sleep_millis() to 2 years ago
heck e5aa2284ae pEpLog - Add PID 2 years ago
heck c3aeb1e0ff Tests: add framework/ - sleep_millis(); 2 years ago
heck a015331c53 Split and add 2 years ago
heck 0d72ea5367 Add pEp::Utils - collection of helper functions and stuff...
Separated out from pEp::Test::Utils
2 years ago
heck cf7c5feea1 Test: Framework improve logging
depend on pEpLog, but add logging macros that are for testing and are not controlled by pEpLog::set_enabled(), so you can disable library logging.
2 years ago
heck 42855fdeee Test: Utils - add const, add log() and lograw() 2 years ago
heck a2c5c99046 grp enc interface - ommit pEp_group in adapter_group_create() 2 years ago
heck 06a3fdb0b0 Tests: Utils rename to_string() functions 2 years ago
heck 50130c5caf Tests: Move util functions to 2 years ago
heck 591b5c0fc2 Tests: add util functions
add vector_to_string<T>()
add print_exception() - to print nested exceptions
2 years ago
heck d79fb50070 Tests: Framework - Add funcs logH1 / logH2 2 years ago
heck 1de257538d Tests: Framework - add identitylist_to_string() 2 years ago
heck c8590750c8 Tests: Framework - Add with some *_to_string() funcs 2 years ago
heck b02fb84ecf Tests: lets use namespace pEp, but not more. (Its just a LOT easier to navigate especially for other people, plus the habit of just including every namespace everywhere does not scale, its messy). Use namespace aliases.
And lets NOT import a namespace into an other namespace like importing std into Adapter.
2 years ago
heck 04b86758fa Tests: framework.hh - no using directives in headers.... 2 years ago
heck 07b4ee6e97 tests: create subdir "framework" 2 years ago