773 Commits (b8a208d3a5a8dd5fa6accbb0913df2512f846b87)

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  heck b8a208d3a5 std_utils - Templatize bin2hex() / hex2bin() 3 months ago
  heck e449d65a4f std_utils.hh - Add dir_get_cwd() / dir_set_cwd() 4 months ago
  heck 901a9fa9a7 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/libpEpAdapter 4 months ago
  heck f27b87d587 bin2hex - Add alternative 4 months ago
  heck 91d7e47734 Add missing includes 4 months ago
  heck f03f679360 Tests: add hex2bin() / bin2hex() 4 months ago
  heck 15f7c3de60 std_utils - add hex2bin() / bin2hex() 4 months ago
  heck 528d823b19 std_utils - add to_lower(string) 4 months ago
  heck cbdc72995e formatting only / doc 4 months ago
  heck b41bba4143 std_utils - templatize file_read_bin() / file_write_bin 4 months ago
  heck 06f9faeb32 std_utils.hh - add path_dirname() and path_get_abs(); 4 months ago
  RCE 966990f09e Fix: Add missing include 4 months ago
  heck a6ecab9602 PityTest11: EXTRACT TestFramework PitTest11 into own repo. Is a test-dependency now. 4 months ago
  heck d65b959296 Tests - rename utils.hh to test_utils.hh 4 months ago
  heck 5abcfb86bb Tests - add test for file_read_bin() / file_write_bin() 5 months ago
  heck 7c1c8016f9 std_utils.hh - add file_read_bin() / file_write_bin() 5 months ago
  heck e105634189 use solution pattern from pEp/platform_windows.h for windows compat (Move this to engine via PR, once working) 6 months ago
  heck a77a24c8b6 use pEp/platform.h for windows compat 6 months ago
  heck 8184899d9d group_manager_api - formatting only 6 months ago
  heck f1b1cd2820 Merge pull request 'master' (#8) from Thomas/libpEpAdapter:master into master 6 months ago
  Thomas c81ff7c140 Add missing header files to Windows project 6 months ago
  Thomas f1f8c0d49d Initialize status code 6 months ago
  Thomas bbb2dd7b00 Add reference to sqlite3, use _strdup() 6 months ago
  Thomas d4b35f3536 path_ensure_not_existing() doesn't seem to be used on Windows... 6 months ago
  Thomas b4d138f8e3 Adjust Windows build file. Use _getpid instead of getpid (deprecated alias) 6 months ago
  heck 651ce9be45 Test: PityTest - Fix linux build 7 months ago
  heck ce136d408d Merge branch 'LIB-11' 7 months ago
  heck 5008848ba4 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 7 months ago
  heck 5ff47daf74 .gitignore 7 months ago
  heck 64c652652c Test: API changes update all tests 7 months ago
  heck 4a8cbbfd38 Test: re-add test_adapter_cxx.cc 7 months ago
  heck e5746295e1 Test: PitySwarm - fix bug swarm of size 1 7 months ago
  heck 080076582e API: session(init/release) removed. 7 months ago
  heck 9b922a39dc move start_sync() and stop_sync() from CallbackDispatcher to Adapter.hh 7 months ago
  heck 9780232015 add group_join() 7 months ago
  heck 44b0c23161 std_utils.cc - hopefully improve path_ensure_not_existing/dir_recreate 7 months ago
  heck ebe75b3b06 listmanager_dummy.cc - explicit constructors 7 months ago
  heck 7a8f36c32b .gitignore 7 months ago
  heck c177dc00ce Test: PityTest - framework/utils cpt idents have no id / moved group to Perspective 7 months ago
  heck 788ae51b2f Test: PityTest - a build dep to get rid of again... 7 months ago
  heck 436593676e Test: PityTest - test_swarm updated 7 months ago
  heck 4ad3823b15 Test: PityTest - PityNode add class TestIdent 7 months ago
  heck f65cd2a996 Test: PityTest - PityPerspective group and peer handling 7 months ago
  heck 0c29ed6ad9 Test: PityTest - PitySwarm perspective transformation updated 7 months ago
  heck 340e7de32d Test: swarm templates updated 7 months ago
  heck 0a0569bd53 Test: add test_sync_init - sync_initialize() 7 months ago
  heck 555834a989 Test: test_group_swarm - THE swarm based group encryption test 7 months ago
  heck 8da80a4b14 Test: test_tofu - updated 7 months ago
  heck d09983b04c Test: test_tofu_one2many - Test tofu in the swarm with 1-n topology 7 months ago
  heck 9b4450311d Test: PityTest - PitySwarm copy is borken, and also transport has a problem because ident is unit name, which exists twice then... 7 months ago